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Study on the Preparation of the Flexible Expanded Vermiculite Energy-saving Material

Author MiaoChao
Tutor PengTongJiang
School Southwest University of Science and Technology
Course Mineral prospecting and exploration
Keywords Industrial vermiculite Expanded vermiculite Roucui sex Energy-saving insulation materials
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Industrial vermiculite expansion and excellent thermal insulation and energy saving performance , energy-saving materials prepared by high-performance flexible expansion of vermiculite and expanded vermiculite insulation . Through the use of electric heating , microwave heating , chemical and microwave chemistry prepared expanded vermiculite , expanded vermiculite expansion of multiples , quality , and bulk density changes under different conditions , the optimum process parameters , and discuss the different expansion the advantages and disadvantages of the method ; using the mechanical stirring expanded vermiculite samples , weed out the size of the rate for the first time to determine the brittleness of the level , different expansion method and process conditions on the expanded vermiculite brittle , obtained the preparation of high - performance flexible expanded vermiculite processing conditions . Prepared using inorganic cementitious materials such as gypsum , cement and phosphate the expanded vermiculite energy material , thermal conductivity on the the prepared energy saving profiles , strength and performance testing , and investigate the optimum conditions of the preparation of expanded vermiculite energy-saving materials the results show that the the relative electric heating , the microwave prepared by the expanded vermiculite with a high expansion rate and brittle low . The microwave power is 800W, the heating can be achieved after 60s 4.54 - fold expansion of multiple , simultaneous preparation of expanded vermiculite . Sieve to rates lower than the electric heating , has a high flexibility ; the expanded vermiculite sieve to rate as the temperature liters high microwave power is increased and the heating time growth increases, the brittleness increases relatively ; the microwave chemical prepared not only can make the vermiculite to achieve greater expansion of multiple expanded vermiculite , and expanded vermiculite having a lower brittleness . Because hydrogen peroxide molecules into the vermiculite layer , the vermiculite layer between the water in the microwave irradiation process and the rapid decomposition of hydrogen peroxide molecules to generate more pressure , produce higher expansion ratio vermiculite vermiculite layer , while hydrogen peroxide can be added reduce the brittleness of the expanded vermiculite . The optimum conditions for the preparation of high-performance flexible expanded vermiculite obtained through experiments : 30% of the concentration of hydrogen peroxide soaked vermiculite 12h , microwave power 800w, heating time 90s; successfully prepared the expanded vermiculite insulation energy-saving materials , when expanded vermiculite / the quality of gypsum, cement and phosphate were 0.5,0.6 and 2.5 , the performance of the energy-saving materials prepared in the thermal conductivity , strength, etc. to reach its optimum value .

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