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The Chinese Translation of Long and Complicated Sentences in English Legal Texts

Author LiHui
Tutor YuLiJun
School University of Foreign Trade and Economic
Course Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
Keywords The text of the law Legal Translation Complex long sentence Translation strategies Translation method
CLC D90-055
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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With China's accession to the WTO, foreign economic and trade exchanges inevitably increasing number of all relevant legal documents also playing an increasingly important role. Since English is the common language of the world, the legal documents in English has also become the widest range of global use, frequency of use, the highest legal documents. At the same time, China as the world's one pole position in the rising Chinese legal documents are becoming increasingly important. Objective view of the differences and foreign language, culture and legal systems, and for the parties concerned of the legal documents to facilitate the accurate and effective understanding and communication, the necessity and importance of the translation of legal documents increasingly prominent. However, domestic Han outside legal document translation (Translation) understanding of the law and there are still some gaps. Meanwhile, due to both Chinese and English language itself, there is a big difference, as civil law countries and common law countries, the differences in cultures and legal systems are also very significant, all these factors make the Chinese translation of the English legal documents become difficulty one of the largest types of translation; complexity of long sentences have become a bottleneck affecting the quality of the translation. From the above objective reality and the needs of the author's own experience, a detailed analysis of the characteristics of the English text of the law, and which complex long sentence, citing the differences between the two languages, Chinese and English, argumentation strategies to be taken in the translation , macro the translation strategies taken alienation, appropriately complemented by domesticating translation; and the translation method to the study and practice of the legal text translation benefit. The paper is divided into six chapters. Introduction The first chapter describes the theoretical basis of this thesis and research methods, theory on the professional use language (LSP) as well as the text proposed by the German scholar Cather Ruina. Royce typology; using contrast analysis, case studies and other research methods; common law countries, historical and legal translation brief review; Chapter III focuses on analysis of the text of the law and legal English general characteristics of the standard legal translation and basic principles, which will be the legal text with other text to distinguish between particularity where the legal text; Chapter further examples analysis of complex characteristics of long sentences in the English text of the law, which is the translator doing legal translation facing a huge challenge; aforementioned characteristics, Chapter V of the complex strategies and methods of long sentences translate English text of the law; conclusion, Chapter VI summarizes this article discusses, and recommends that the areas for further research.

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