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The Analysis and Computation for the Channel Capacity of a Two-dimensional Run-length Constrained Code

Author WangYa
Tutor ZhangYuanPing
School Lanzhou University of Technology
Course Signal and Information Processing
Keywords Two-dimensional Limited Coding Channel capacity
CLC TN911.22
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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With the continuous development of optical storage technology, advanced optical storage and digital recording channels have been proposed, so as to promote the study of signal processing and coding techniques. The multidimensional optical storage has become an important way to improve the information recording density, and read and write speeds, in order to meet the specific needs of the multi-dimensional optical storage channel, the researchers put forward the corresponding two-dimensional run-length coding, and made some preliminary research. The two-dimensional form of run-length encoding first appeared in the multi-channel magnetic storage systems. Marcellin first proposed a multi-channel (d, k) code, each track must meet the minimum run length limit d, a multi-channel \As the page is stored, in particular the development of holographic optical storage technology, the two-dimensional run-length limited encoding of two-dimensional (d, k) code has aroused great interest of researchers. The page data in the (d, k) encoding, two-dimensional, horizontal and vertical directions are required to satisfy the run length (d, k) of the one-dimensional limit, which can effectively control the page data in the two-dimensional directions on the inter-code interference. Code compared with the traditional (d, k) the capacity of the (d, k) code, two-dimensional, having some very special properties, for example, all, if and only if k = d 1 dimensional (d, k) code capacity zero. About two-dimensional (d, k) code capacity calculations and construction method is very limited, only some preliminary results of theoretical studies. The so-called \Runlength limit is a typical limit of the optical storage channel, i.e. in the stored information, the successive occurrences of the same symbol is neither too small nor too large. In line with this principle, this paper briefly describes the main idea of ??the digital communications model, the basic theory of coding and channel coding, describes the theme of the skeleton structure, and then introduced a limited system, restricted channel, the concept of limited coding , as well as the calculation of the basic tools of the limited coding capacity of the channel transfer matrix, and a series of one-dimensional and two-dimensional limited channel capacity calculation methods, the use of the differential equation method calculated the one-dimensional restricted the coded channel capacity, the use of the state transition diagram calculation of two-dimensional limited the encoded channel capacity. Then given by this study, the two-dimensional limited the coded channel capacity theory results, and finally put forward a new technology, analysis of the results calculated to draw the upper and lower bounds of the channel capacity in some specific limited circumstances.

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