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The Usage of the Layer Teaching Strategy in the Teaching of Composition in High School

Author LuXianZhen
Tutor JiangXueWang
School Suzhou University
Course Education
Keywords Layered teaching strategies Use High school language Composition Teaching
CLC G633.34
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Currently, the world attach great importance to the country's mother tongue. Because this is not only related to the attainment of its nationals, but also involves the future of the country and the nation's future. China is no different. Mother tongue teaching in China, more concern is often based reading instruction and language teaching. While teaching writing is often overlooked. But in fact, teaching writing is an important part of language teaching. Charged with teaching writing to improve students' writing ability, written communication skills as well as an important task to improve language literacy, it is in the development of students' intelligence, cultivate the students' thoughts and sentiments so important. As we all know, is also teaching writing language teaching difficult. School Composition current teaching and research sectors are relatively weak, students writing worrying situation. Teachers in the teaching of writing or teaching inaction had little effect; student writing lacking in substance, style unknown, structural confusion, lack of language, affectation, etc. widespread. Visible, teaching writing is not optimistic. Therefore, how to improve teaching writing as mother-tongue teaching a priority. Vigorously promoting quality education in the context of the times, in high school language teaching of writing using hierarchical teaching strategy is of positive significance. Hierarchical teaching is for all students, full attention to each student's individual differences and psychological characteristics, and strive to improve each student's ability. The author mainly from the following three aspects to elaborate hierarchical teaching strategies in teaching high school writing: one in high school teaching of writing teaching strategies using hierarchical basis, including the theoretical basis and the status of high school language learning. Theory is mainly based on individual psychological differences in theory, Bloom \Situation refers to students' language students students, the level of writing and writing ability. Second, the composition teaching in high school teaching strategies in the use of layered concrete practices, including classroom teaching stratified hierarchical teacher preparation, tutoring and evaluation of a hierarchical, that is, counseling and evaluation from two aspects to elaborate. Classroom hierarchical stratification including students, teaching objectives and jobs hierarchical stratification. Teacher preparation stratified according to the different levels of students, including using different teaching programs; according to specific students to take specific teaching methods and guidance according to different stylistic features essays and other students. Third, hierarchical teaching in high school essay advantages and disadvantages of teaching is explaining its positive and negative aspects. Second, part of the article focuses thirty-two, wherein the second portion is a top priority. Overall, in the teaching of writing using hierarchical teaching, can proceed from reality, according to each student's writing skills and abilities with the corresponding teaching methods, to stimulate students' interest in writing, so that each student's writing skills and levels have improved to varying degrees, thereby enhancing the students 'confidence and sense of achievement, promote students' non-intellectual factors of development, while the objective is also to expand the teaching of teachers in the writing business level. Then hierarchical teaching practice in teaching writing also reflects some of its shortcomings. As: a hierarchical difficult for students; classroom difficult to implement and dampen some of the students' enthusiasm and interest and so on.

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