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Study on Variable Load Ratio Characteristics of Multi-split Air-conditioning System and Its Indoor Air Distribution in Summer

Author YangMei
Tutor NanXiaoHong
School Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology
Course Heating,Gas Supply, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Engineering
Keywords Multi air conditioning system Changing load characteristics Inverter air conditioner Room Airflow Numerical Simulation
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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At present, China is promoting energy saving policy , conservation and efficient use of energy is imminent . Inverter multi - line because of its comfort , energy saving , simple to maintain , but also has been more widely used . The research work on the variable load characteristics of the inverter multi air conditioning system is not deep enough , part load characteristics of system optimization , energy-saving design and run the way research is of great significance and value of the air-conditioning system . Room Airflow Research inverter multi air conditioning system to help people realize the comfort of the air conditioning system mechanism . This article Xi'an University of Architecture University of Science and Technology, Environment and Municipal Engineering Office set inverter multi air conditioning system refrigerant liquid tube under different parts of the loading rate in summer temperature changes along the experimental tests and theoretical analysis of the summer health and power consumption characteristics . Of the theoretical calculation of the different parts of the summer cooling load rate the energy efficiency of the system the EER, results show that the inverter multi air conditioning system is running at 50 % to 80 % part load , the system EER EER run compared to other load rate high. Multi air conditioning (heat pump ) unit and follow the national standard (GB/T18837-2002) calculated on the inverter multi air conditioning system integrated part load performance coefficient IPLV calculated . British Solartron IMP data acquisition system experimental test , the indoor temperature field in the summer air supply parameters of the office building of an office room using CFD numerical simulation of indoor temperature field and velocity field . The results of simulation analysis and test results are in good agreement , the results show that the low wind speed when the indoor temperature field are more evenly distributed , the speed of the indoor work area are less than 0.3m / s, and meet regulatory requirements . Blowing air temperature (i.e., the indoor set temperature ) is low, the lower the temperature within the indoor work region , the human body have a clear sense of cold ; when the blowing air temperature (i.e. , an indoor set temperature) is higher , the temperature inside the indoor work area more evenly distributed , meet summer comfort required by the human body temperature .

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