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Dynamic Interaction of Single-layer Reticulated Shell Structure and Supporting Structure

Author LiNa
Tutor YangZuo
School Northeastern University
Course Engineering Mechanics
Keywords Monolayer shells Column Supports Time history analysis The whole process of analysis Damping support
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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In recent years, the spherical reticulated shells with column support has been widely used in stadiums, swimming pool and other buildings. However, in the design, usually the lower support structure as a fixed hinge bearing to calculate, but regardless of its stiffness after a study found the pillars of the lower part of the concrete structure or steel structure is simplified as a fixed hinge bearing reticulated shells The impact is unsafe. Cao owned simplify the structure of the lower support for the elastic support, simplified calculation method considering the stiffness of the column. Power reticulated shells with lower support structure interaction studies also yielded some results, but there are many issues remain unresolved. The Kiewitt 8 single-layer reticulated shell structure with column support dynamic characteristics were studied in this article. Topics include: Kiewitt 8 single-layer reticulated shell with columns supporting structure model to reveal the dynamic characteristics of its x, y, z three-dimensional seismic dynamic characteristics of multi-parameter (loss of cross- ratio, load, the cross-section of the rod, the seismic wave acceleration peak seismic wave type, span) seismic response analysis, examine the impact of the different parameters of the dynamic characteristics change, research shows that simplify the fixed hinge bearing is unsafe, displacement highest count 600% less 50% of the maximum axial force small operators. Reticulated shells with columns supporting the failure mechanism under earthquake conduct a study to examine the dynamic performance and failure modes of this type of structure. Compare the difference in structural stiffness of the lower supporting the destruction of two reticulated shell form. The study showed that compared with the fixed hinge bearing reticulated shell power failure mechanism, considering the lower support reticulated shell collapsed mainly due to the destruction of the lower supporting structure. Reticulated shell with columns supporting the lower column layout damping support, compared to the multi-damping support stiffness and damping coefficients of the damping effect. Better damping effect of a set of parameters is selected reticulated shell structure of the whole process of dynamic response analysis, examine the dynamic performance and failure modes of this type of structure. Contrast the two arranged damping support damping effect. The study showed that support just spend large or too small are unable to make the vibration-damping support role. The same support stiffness, every span on the damping effect of damping support arranged continuously damping support structure.

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