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High Quality Cultivation of Secondary Vocational School Students

Author WenZhiMin
Tutor WangKunQing
School Central China Normal University
Course Education
Keywords Secondary vocational school girl education high-quality girl
CLC G718.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Today the focus of attention on the shoolgirl education has changed from "why should girls be educated" to "what education should girls receive"; from resolving the matter "did we implement girl student education" to "did we implement good girl student education".To investigate how to cultivate high-quality girl student in secondary school, based on the the literature research, this paper adopted the methods of questionnaire, case analysis, action research, induction and deduction, the object of study is the girl students in Zhongshan Technical Secondary School. The study of girl student education has been a great topic which is not only the inevitable trend of the history of girl student education, but also the strategic requirement to construct a powerful nation of human resources. It is also the practical requirement to promote the all-round development for people.This paper summarizes the achievement of modern and comtemporary girl student education from theory and content. It gives a brief account of the sexual distinction theory which is considered the important theory basis of studying girl student education. And it also gives a brief account of the characteristics of girl student education of nowadays. In recent years the domestic study of girl student education have been mostly carried out in girl schools. There are few secondary vocational schools for both boys and girls that has systematically practised girl student education and formed a study-worthy model. In this paper, girl student education, quality and high-quality girl student education are defined, and high-quality girl student is considered the higher level of girl education.By expounding the theories of sexual equality, quality education, mother project, education universalization, national rejuvenation, social harmony and school administration, this paper systematically exposes the common value of carrying out girl student education. It discusses the significance of girl student education which is lying in adapting to the vocational education development, economic development and overall education for student. By analysing the student’s learning level, learning motivation, psychological in love, sexual protection awareness, communication ability, aesthetic orientation, law awareness, bad behaviors, morality and good faith awareness, this paper explains the main problems in the girl student education and invironmental disadvantages. Our country is vigorously developing the vocational education and the vocational schools are paying more attention to moral education so that the girl student education is becoming an urgent issue but a possible mission. However, in the process of carrying out the girl student education we face many problems that there are not clear objectives and ideas, systematic and targeted content, various and effective approaches, flexible and up to date methods.Finally, this research suggests the following five measures:First, we should adhere to the education rule, apply the scientific development, implement quality education, give high priority to girl student education and enhance the leadership of school organization to make the girl student education a master plan. Second, we should set up the objective and content system of cultivating high-quality girl on different levels and grades. Third, we should develop the school-based curriculum system of cultivating high-quality girl student. Fourth, with invironment culture construction as the base, with the school club construction as the emphasis, with the campus culture show as the stage, with the activities of science, literature, physical education, art and volunteering as the channel, we should construct campus culture to promote cultivating girl student education. Fifth, we should lay equal stress on the rule of law and the rule of virue, establish linkage system between family, school and society, build a three-level network of psychological protection, construct harmonious class and star-rated civilized domitary, care for the vulnerable girl students and enhance nurturing education of girl student.

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