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Study of Action Mechanism of Fluxes and Microstructure and Properties of Joints in ZA Alloy TIG Welding

Author ChenLiBo
Tutor LiuXiuZhong
School Shandong University
Course Materials Processing Engineering
Keywords ZA alloy Welding flux Mechanism of action Organization Performance
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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The ZA alloys based on Zn , Al two elements in the main alloying elements such as Cu , Mg, supplemented by the diversified alloy has good mechanical properties , excellent casting properties, good friction and wear characteristics , low cost and low energy consumption , environmental pollution and other characteristics , the increasingly widespread application . The new ZA alloy object of study , a preliminary study of the mechanism of action of ZA alloy TIG welding flux , and the welded joint organization and the performance of the system . The thesis studied the mechanism of action of the the TIG flux in the the ZA alloy welding process . The studies show that the TIG- flux lead to contraction of the plasma arc arc column , so that the conductive channel narrows , the weld width decreases , while the arc voltage increases , the penetration increases ; weld of Zn to reduce the losses . Studies suggest that the flux chemical metallurgical reaction occurs in the welding process : a transition to weld Zn ; two liquid film will be formed in the bath surface , and to protect the molten pool , blocking the evaporation and oxidation of the zinc loss . ZA Alloy Welds slender columnar grain , coarse dendritic and lamellar organizations . Fusion zone organization mainly composed of columnar dendrites , eutectic structure composed . HAZ is composed mainly by the recrystallization zone and the partially recrystallized zone and no coarse overheating organization . ZA alloy TIG weld corrosion resistance is higher than the base material , the tensile strength of the TIG welding head is not less than the base material , and the cleavage site in the base material , the elongation is slightly lower than the base material . Little difference butt welded tensile strength and elongation and base metal , the surfacing joint tensile strength and elongation difference . Weld fusion zone hardness is slightly higher than that of the base material , of which the highest hardness of the fusion zone . ZA alloy welded joint hardness of the fusion zone with the highest value .

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