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Research on Exercise Design and Layout of Intermediate Chinese Comprehensive Text Books

Author ZhangYuQing
Tutor ZhangJianMin
School East China Normal University
Course Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
Keywords Intermediate Chinese as a foreign language teaching materials Integrated curriculum Practice Design
CLC H195
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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Intermediate stage of language learning and compared to the initial stage, except to increase the difficulty deepened, the subjects increased, is still a bottleneck, many students often feel a stalled. After the initial stage of learning, the student has accumulated a certain vocabulary, with the basis of the syntax, but also to grasp the day-to-day basic listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. But how to further improve their abilities, so that a smooth transition into the senior became often put in a lot of students in front of a problem. Therefore, to be sure, the intermediate stage is to learn Chinese and improve their Chinese level, with postgraduate capacity critical year. The exercise is an important part of second language teaching materials. A textbook exercises, good or bad, has a direct impact on the quality of classroom teaching (Lu Bisong, 1993). Practice design is the concept of a comprehensive study of exercises designed a complex work. The results of previous studies have shown the importance of in-depth special research work in this regard. Therefore, this study from the exercise intensity and exercise data statistics and examine density, entitled scheduling aspects of the intermediate stages of the different periods of six comprehensive teaching materials expand and set the standard case analysis method based on the practice and effectiveness of the design and presentation of scientific analysis and discussion, and on this basis put forward some suggestions for reference. This study is divided into five parts, the first chapter of Introduction, the object of this paper, a theoretical basis, research status and research purposes, and the Institute survey of textbooks and quantitative analysis of the classification standard definition of the research in the previous studies on the basis of the practice in accordance with the teaching component is divided into voice, Chinese characters, words, sentences, discourse and communicative six categories; Chapters II and III, respectively, from the data statistics and examine the strength and intensity of practice settings ministries textbook and teaching components itemized meticulous amount of problems and questions on statistics and comparative analysis, from some of the features found, analysis of the reasons for the formation of these features and put forward their own views and suggestions. Chapter structure of practice mode visits, and using the learning rules, input and output standards, analysis of control standards and communication standards for the practice of the design of the kinds of questions the science and effectiveness, and pointed out that the existing questions design deficiencies and glittering, and put forward their own proposals. Chapter conclusion summarizes the design factors affect the intermediate and comprehensive teaching materials to practice, and asked the significance of this study and inadequacies. I hope this study is the intermediate stage lesson textbook exercises designed to provide meaningful suggestions, help for textbook development work to make, and hope that this study can play a valuable role, more counterparts to put into this valuable research .

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