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X -type self- developed visual system of anti-tank gun training simulator

Author ZuoQianYong
Tutor ShenXiaoFeng;HeYiJun
School University of Electronic Science and Technology
Course Software Engineering
Keywords Vision System Development Scene modeling Networking confrontation Analog implementation
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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X-type antitank gun military equipment, the most powerful anti-tank guns. The shooting training level is the main symbol of the combat effectiveness. In the day-to-day training, the use of a real car for training are vulnerable to the impact of the venue, the weather, and the corresponding battlefield environment, training low efficiency and high costs. Visual system studied in this paper is part of a new generation of simulators. Visual C platform, use DirectX 3D technology provides an approximate realistic 3D battlefield environment for trainees. Trainees through the system in the simulator to interact carried antitank gun aimer training. Which overcomes the X-type antitank gun training process by the venue, the weather, the authenticity of the battlefield environment, as well as equipment loss limit, for the troops to provide a high-efficiency, high-efficiency, safety, training platform can monitor the entire process. This article is based on the framework of the Direct 3D Immediate Mode (Immediate Mode), the production of the three-dimensional model of training scenarios, the establishment of the training scenes and dynamic interaction with the visual system. First, starting from the establishment of the three-dimensional model of training scenarios to explore the use of 3ds Max software terrain mesh modeling, summarized two methods terrain mesh model. Analysis of its strengths and weaknesses. Secondly, the terrain texture and the target texture processing method using PhotoShop software. After the analysis and summary of how the terrain mesh and terrain texture and the target texture and battlefield environment combined method. Three-dimensional coordinates of the conversion and the establishment of the terrain, terrain model with specific training courses combined in the scene, the scene of the shooting training simulation. Followed by analysis of the framework of networked real-time transmission of images of the confrontation, based on the realization of the need to define the packet format and the corresponding processing function. Finally aimer depict graphic training (ie, control console on the target fast and accurate targeting) to achieve. This article explores and summarizes the use 3ds max 3D terrain modeling methods and experience, and the use of these methods and experience to establish a more realistic three-dimensional scene. Summarizes the combined terrain models, terrain texture and the target texture and training scenarios and tactical requirements and their implementation. Use DirectPlay establish a communications framework defines the message format and its processing, basic training three-dimensional image of real-time transmission. The use of linear equations logical discriminant aimer basic training, and automatically determine the entire training process monitoring.

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