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The Study on Youth Sports Club Countermeasures in Shanghai

Author LiuDeLin
Tutor SunHui
School East China Normal University
Course Humane and Sociological Science of Sports
Keywords Adolescent Sports Club Management system Operators Legal system
CLC G807.4
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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With the establishment of China's socialist market economic system and the development trend of the full implementation of quality education, youth sports club career is beginning to gradually undergoing change, is to embark on a path of sustainable development. In this study, the use of management science, sociology, economics and other disciplines principle, to carry out in-depth analysis and discussion about the problem of the construction of the Youth Sports Club, focus on solving the the reserve sports personnel training and the importance of the construction of the Youth Sports Club and Youth Sports behavior only limited in a single sports teaching function, making it difficult to make the construction of youth sports club sustained and stable development of the reality of contradictions, and recommend how to make the construction of youth sports clubs to establish policy recommendations in the the sports legal management of long-term, stable development is expected to avoid short-term behavior. In this study, literature review, questionnaire, mathematical statistics, logical analysis, case studies and comparative analysis, choose the more developed economies of the region - some secondary schools in Shanghai on the part of organizations and individuals to form Youth Sports Club as the main object of study. On the status of youth sports clubs of various schools in Shanghai, management, operation mode, the quality of service at home and abroad on the basis of the theoretical perspectives of youth sports club-depth Analysis of the basic conclusions of this study: 1. Our youth sports club building should ensure the institution-building sports management and support youth sports club to be built on the basis of the sports scientific management and sports legal management, and formulate the corresponding provisions of the Ordinance, to scientific and legal management to build the Youth Sports Club is the mainstream of the construction and development of the the future Youth Sports Club. 2. In the preliminary perfect on the basis of constitutional provisions under the Youth Sports Club Management Ordinance, the establishment of the Youth Sports Club Management System for Youth Sports Club Management Design as club management staffing, the club management functions division club capital mode of operation, the club marketing and development, the club service quality and club resources re-allocation. 3. Institutionalization and legalization is the only way for the development of youth sports clubs. Youth Sports Club the sustainable and healthy development of its key institutionalization and legalization of the youth club, only from school sports environment, policies and legal full range of institutionalization building for youth sports In physical education, physical exercise, sports training, athletic competition and sports exchanges and personnel training, the club creating equal development opportunities for fair competition, the Youth Sports Club development will be very promising. Its multiple functions and Youth Sports Club health supervision system should regulate the behavior of youth sports club management Bazhua reward system, self-discipline Convention system, the system of planning and development, quality of service can play to ensure youth sports club supervision system and a series of sound system, we can guarantee that the work of the Youth Sports Club purpose and a plan to sustain development. 4. The regionalization of the Youth Sports Club is one of the effective measures to solve the current sports resource constraints. The start-up of the Youth Sports Club is a sports lottery public funds, once the support of the State Sports General Administration, the newly established club, in the space, equipment, staffing will be a lot of problems, to the extent possible to solve these outstanding problems in the study club regionalization, integration of the recommendations. 5. Youth Sports Club should set multiple functions of teaching, training, fitness, entertainment and rest as one focus for school sports, community sports, the National Fitness Project, competitive sports career can be divided into three modes: First, teaching and training youth sports club; Fitness and Leisure Youth Sports Club; Third Youth Sports Club. 6. According to the actual situation of different regions of China economy, sports, school, family, and the establishment of suitable local actual situation and requirements of the development of youth sports club model, also different from the way it operates. 7. Youth Sports Club Project Settings differentiated. Various schools the activities of the project, especially due to space, equipment, should be of interest to young students, hobbies core set, you can attract a majority of young students to participate in club activities. 8. Socialization of the youth sports clubs. Club activities, club for members to provide the level of service quality directly affects the quality of service perceived by the Member, improve the quality of service management system to develop. 9. Teenagers Sport Club of the market. Youth Sports Club must unswervingly take the road of socialization, market-oriented path of industrialization, only the face of the market, in order to establish a club a virtuous circle, the operational mechanism of self-survival and development.

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