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Study of Simulation and Experiment of Combine Braking Pump

Author GuiXingChun
Tutor YanShengYuan
School Harbin Engineering University
Course Mechanical Design and Theory
Keywords 0 -ring Sealing mechanism Finite Element Analysis Experimental study
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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AZ-30598 brake pump is an important part of the braking system of the 1000 Series combines its working properly , a direct impact on the performance and driving safety of the use of the harvester . Found that in the long - term use of the process of the present structure of the leakage of the brake pump is the main factor to affect its normal work , and how to prevent the leakage is the key to solve the problem . AZ-30598 brake pump leakage problem , do a more detailed analysis and research , the original structure of the brake pump and improved design , combines practical application , basically solved the leakage problem . Its main work in the following areas : 1 . According to the structure of AZ-30598 brake pump seal seal forms and characteristics of the rubber O rings and O -ring rubber material properties studied. 2 rubber O rings sealing mechanism analysis and research. By analyzing the rubber O- sealing ring in sealing contact with the surface of the contact pressure distribution in the state since the tight seal on the rubber O- ring seal theory . Pointed out that some of the factors that affect the rubber O rings sealing performance , at the same time a theoretical discussion of the calculation of the amount of leakage . Leakage calculation key is how to obtain the oil film maximum pressure gradient , the pressure distribution of the oil film can be calculated using the finite element method , ANSYS software , to get the maximum pressure gradient . In this way, through computer simulation will be able to solve the problem of leakage calculation . AZ-30598 brake pump seal structure improved design , better than the original program : improved brake pump seal structure through static and dynamic experiments show that , basically not leak .

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