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Electrohydraulic Proportional Control System Modeling and Control Strategy

Author HuJianJun
Tutor YangShangPing
School Kunming University of Science and Technology
Course Mechanical and Electronic Engineering
Keywords Hydraulic synchronization control Synchronization accuracy Asymmetrical control strategy PID control Mathematical model
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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Synchronized motion control research at home and abroad has been a hot topic. In industrial production, the corner sync or a wide variety of mechanical linear displacement synchronization. Hydraulic synchronization control because of the many advantages of simple structure, composed of convenient, easy to control and suitable for high power applications, has been widely used in various industrial fields. This thesis, a detailed study of various Asymmetric Cylinder mathematical modeling, and do a simple description of its inadequacies, Asymmetric Cylinder mathematical model of the new modeling ideas. This thesis is based on access to a large number of domestic and foreign literature, hydraulic synchronization control system - centralized control, decentralized control and independent control type classification. Papers a re-definition of the control strategy, to further clarify the form of the basic control strategy, and the performance and features of the basic forms of control to do the analysis and comparison. The papers in the original control strategy based on a new form of control strategies: the asymmetric control strategy. Different control mode, centralized control type hydraulic synchronization system can be divided into sub-fill oil, put the oil-and both complement and place three, very broad applications. The papers these three synchronization circuit to do a more in-depth research, under the same conditions and outside interference conditions, the use of new modeling methods and concepts, mathematical model of the three hydraulic synchronization control system, the mathematical The model theoretical value. This paper uses the principle of control theory to static and dynamic characteristics of the three hydraulic synchronization control loop done a detailed analysis of the proposed design method of hydraulic synchronization control system parameters, synchronization control in the form of three hydraulic performance parameters of expression, and derived three hydraulic synchronization control the form of the calculation model of the main technical indicators made a precise calculation verification, synchronization control parameters in the form of three hydraulic accordingly. This paper discusses the PID the regulator parameter tuning method, and by comparison of the various parameters tuning method, the decision to use trial and error method of tuning PID controller parameters. Is determined by trial and error the three hydraulic synchronization control PID controller of the form of the optimal combination of parameters, in order to the synchronized three hydraulic control form after PID correction compared three hydraulic synchronization control PID controller in the form of parameters do unified treatment. Utilize MATLAB in SUMLINK tool control simulation study in the form of three hydraulic synchronization, system performance analysis and comparison of the control strategy, and identify the synchronization control system PID regulator optimal control parameters. Finally, through the unity of the synchronization control system PID controller parameters obtained some of the conclusions of the theoretical significance of engineering applications, to achieve the intended purpose.

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