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Research of CORBA Component’s Security Management and the Security Policy of Electric Power System Software

Author LiJianQuan
Tutor YunChangQin
School Shandong University
Course Circuits and Systems
Keywords CORBA Security Services TAO security services Security model Security Agent
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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With the development of computer networks and object-oriented technology , distributed object computing technology came into being and access to a wide range of applications . CORBA ( Common Object Request Broker Architecture) specification is one of the mainstream of standard object-oriented distributed processing is becoming more perfect and mature . The CORBA components based on IEC61970 , 61968 Power system software development has important applications , but in practical applications , the system is running security must be guaranteed . Distributed object systems compared to conventional systems , there are more points of attack , and its application across the network is open, makes them very easy to be internal and external resources on the network attack . In addition, because of the heterogeneity of the distributed object system , bringing the inconsistency of the security model , but also makes the intruder more opportunities to undermine security . Therefore , to achieve the the CORBA system of security services is very necessary. This project will study the CORBA component safety management , and on this basis of power system software, security policy , and ultimately achieve the purpose of improving the system security level . This paper first studied the response of distributed systems are facing a series of security issues as well as one of the mainstream standard OMG CORBA distributed processing standards for these security issues . And then in the CORBA security services specifications, safety CORBA security infrastructure reference model on the basis of careful study , the combination of Universal Data Access ( GDA ) server , high - speed data access ( HSDA ) servers, and Historical Data Access ( TSDA ) server based actual security requirements of IEC 61970 power system software commonly used in the CIS server , typical scene in a detailed analysis of the CIS server security needs , design a CIS security services Framework based on the CORBA Security Service , that is one of the core security model , user perception Universal security Agent and interface level fine security controls two application modes. Finally, based on the current situation of the implementation of the CORBA security services , the TAO, Orbacus, JacORB other CORBA implementations to test the feasibility of the framework of the CIS security services carried out a detailed , fully verify the feasibility of the framework of the CIS security services .

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