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Application SVG technology Substation Configuration Description Tool

Author GuoZhen(HuiYu)
Tutor WangHao
School Shandong University
Course Circuits and Systems
Keywords IEC61850 System Description Configuration Tool SCL SVG
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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For various manufacturers of intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) in the substation automation system interoperability and system integration difficulties, the International Electrotechnical Commission has developed a series of international standards IEC61850 substation communication network and system aimed at unifying the substation automation system (SAS) the communication protocol to improve the scalability and maintainability of the system, to achieve full interoperability. Currently, the standard and the development of related products has become one of the hot. Subject to IEC61850 standard is based on the principles and development of graphical system configuration description tool. The IEC61850 standard division of the entire SAS substations layer spacer layer and process layer, three-level, graphical man-machine interface is a necessary part of the substation layer. The graphical representation of the information contained in the configuration information is basically the same. However, according to the IEC61850 standard graphical representation not require the presence of a direct correspondence between the configuration information, nor does it require graphics rendering and configuration information generated must be unified. Therefore, according to the usual practice, the graphical representation generated by the respective tool, and configuration information is not associated. The focus of this project is the SAS graphical interface and a graphical representation of how to achieve unified configuration information, while graphics rendering to generate the IEC61850 standard configuration file. Part VI of the IEC61850 standard defines the substation configuration language SCL rigorous description of the substation automation system configuration information, SCL is based on XML; an open graphics format standard XML-based SVG (Scalab le Vector Graphics) foot W3C Recommendation Therefore, if the SVG for SAS graphical interface, should be able to be resolved on the basis of XML graphical representation unification issue with the configuration information. To achieve the graphical representation and the unified configuration information, the actual is looking for some way to establish the relationship between both SCL and SVG. Article discussed in detail the feasibility and means of the SCL and SVG nested combination, a method of the SCL embedded SVG, SVG file structure extended generated graphics rendering SSD file reached unified graphical representation of the configuration information. This topic by SCL and SVG, given to the browser as a draw environment javacript language control, completed basic graphics rendering and editing features, and the output of the method in accordance with IEC61850-6 SSD file.

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