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Deconstruction of Hefei Real Estate Advertisement under the Perspective of Symbols Value

Author ChengShuang
Tutor LvMeng
School Anhui University
Course Communication
Keywords Real estate advertisement appeal point consumerism Symbols value identity
CLC F713.8
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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The real estate industry in any country and cities have a very important position, housing for most people it is life the biggest consumer goods. Real estate developers building, launch must let the potential consumers know his product, attention and generate purchasing desire, therefore it must do promotion. And in real estate marketing planning, advertising holds a very important position, advertising is building positioning, appeal the ultimate performance, it is point with consumer groups, the most direct contact with the success of bridge building competitive advertising planning is one of the important factors. Real estate advertisement appeared frequently in various media, never fails to attract our attention.Advertising itself is belong to communication and marketing, but born from the advertising, it becomes a kind of reflect social status of cultural carrier, advertising contain cultural meaning largely reflects a social reality and cultural values. Real estate advertisement in the process of communication, in addition to transfer products and sales information, and also inevitable output some consciousness and way of thinking, tried to influence and reconstruct social public thoughts and values, guide mass consumer behavior and way of life. With the passage of time, real estate advertisement expression values and cultural implications of more and more diversified. Real estate advertisement as a symbol, endowed with more meaning.This research logic is summarized, the first classification to appeal to the real estate advertisement, then analyzes the internal mechanism and real estate advertisement theoretical root, explain why real estate advertisement for consumers to influence, and instill consumer awareness. Then from consumer sociology perspective, probes into real estate advertisement shows the consumerism ideas, and consumer society and the origin of goods symbols value. Finally, real estate advertisement link up "modernity", consumption and symbols, and become "postmodernity" benchmarks in "modern" society.Introduced the introduction section paper topic source, domestic related research results, this paper the innovation points and basic structure. Text part includes four chapters. First of all, the first chapter select 2010 annual hefei in the main paper media published as research samples, and real estate advertisement for real estate advertisement of claim points classification summary and discussed as well. Any an estate advertisement will have the most key appeal, advertisers will pass the most prominent text to convey the most important information, the core idea, attracting the attention of the target consumption group. Based on the summary of the key appeals to advertisers divided into certain categories, and certain explain and illustration. Analyzing the real estate advertisers really want to convey what through advertising?The second chapter is on the analysis to the representation from some subjects after exploring the inner mechanism and real estate advertisement theoretical root. Abnormal rich real estate advertisement for consumers to exert influence on why the mimicry, can from communication environment as well as the myth of semiotics to interpret, theory of the strategies they use the same wonderful, is through advertising elements constructing consumers for consumer brain picture, build a good imagination.The third chapter perspectives from consumer sociology permeating out of real estate advertisement, discusses consumerism concept in a consumer society for human consumption logical steering, and the influence of real estate advertisement. Many of real estate advertisement information also only in the consumer appeal can explain the vision of society. In addition, will consumer sociology and semiotics union, extend out "sign value" concept, real estate value has not only embodied in material value, more rise to symbols value level. And commodity symbol of the most important aspect of value is to be able to reflect the buyer’s identity, class, personality taste. Consumers buy house, besides enjoying its use value and exchange value, also in social status, identity, class has a deeper level of demand, while some of the value of real estate product that corresponding advertising attribute just cater to consumer intrinsic demand. Real estate advertisement use symbols to construct value consumer groups, including the identity of identity, and riches and upper-class default is best demonstrated.The fourth chapter of postmodernity, consumption will be with symbols for the inner relationship between the concrete elaboration, real estate advertisement is to reflect postmodernity, consumption and symbols three representative inner link. Finally epilogue part of this paper points out the deficiency, and briefly put forward some Suggestions of normative estate advertisement.

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