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Experimental Generation of Non-classical States of Light with 1.342μm-fiber Telecommunication Wavelength

Author HouFeiYan
Tutor JiaXiaoJun;ZhengYaoHui
School Shanxi University
Course Optics
Keywords 1.3μm fiber telecommunication wavelength optical parametric oscillator squeeze vacuum state entanglement state
CLC O431.2
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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In the last decades, there are many remarkable evolvements for the quantum optics, one of which is the generation and application of non-classical light. Squeezed and entanglement state are two kinds of important non-classical states which can be used to perform quantum computation and quantum information processing. Recently the wavelength of wavelength non-classical states of light usually are at 1.06um and 1.08um, and many significant achievements have been accomplished. However, when the non-classical light at above-mentioned wavelength is transmitted in fiber, there is a high negative dissipation and not fit to be telecommunicated in fiber. So it is necessary to investigate the non-classical light at the wavelength corresponding the fiber optical communication windows. There are two wavelength,1.5μm and 1.3μm, are suitable to telecommunicate through fiber. In 2008, generated by the squeezed vacuum at 1.5μm had been experimentally generated by another group in our institute. In this thesis, we mainly present the generation scheme of squeezed state and entanglement state at 1.3μm wavelength.Following two parts will be presented in this thesis:(1)A high power continuous wave single frequency 1342nm and 671nm laser was experimentally investigated. A YVO4-Nd:YVO4 composite crystal is used as laser material, and pumped by a laser-diode with the center-wavelength of 880nm. A type-Ⅰcritical phase-matched LBO crystal is used for the intra-cavity frequency-doubler to obtain 671nm laser. The maximum output power of 671nm laser with 2.4W, and 1342nm at 778mW are obtained when the pump power of 880nm with 26W.(2) Two kinds of non-classical states of light with optical parametric process. The sigle-mode amplitude squeezed states with quantum fluctuation of 5.0±0.1dB below the shot noise limit (SNL) and the entangled states with quantum correlation of 1.1±0.1dB below the SNL are produced by an optical parametric amplifier with type-Ⅰphase matched PPKTP crystal and a pair of properly oriented type-Ⅱphase matched KTP crystals, respectively.

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