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The Experience Study on Besturn Project Management System in FAW CAR Co., Ltd

Author ZuoZhiYan
Tutor YinTieYan;DaiDaLi
School Jilin University
Course Industrial Engineering
Keywords Lessons Learned Project Management Management system
CLC F426.471
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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Since the brother of Daimler manufactured the first automobile, all of auto factories have always regarded higher qualities, lower cost and continous creativities as their eternal aims. During about 100 years since automobile appeared, the auto production modes have been from single production to flow-line production, the development mode have also built up template and synchronization development mode became more efficient and more acceptable,Furthermore,on the side of management, project management and organization theories were used in automobile development field more and more. Synchronization development mode makes development time to be shorter, project management mode makes development process to be more efficient.The project of Besturn(it will be called C301 for short in the following text),been organized by FAW Car Co. Ltd, is the first independent whole vehicle development project, FCC should develop the whole vehicle, build up and optimize project management system, built up project development flow, bring up staff, etc.Project management theory is a kind of manners which regards project as object. It will make project to be more premeditated, more efficiently organized and under control through building temporary department. It can achieved project dynamic management,project goals dynamic coordination and optimization.The jobs of project management are complicated. It contains many knowledges which are belonged to different fields. The project manager should apply these knowledges to solve problems. The project organization is the basis of success,it has three different modes: Function modes, Matrix modes and Project modes.The project of C301 has the characteristics of wide scope, long period, complicate relation& interface. Furthermore, this project utilized synchronization development mode, it’s said that many different departments should participate in the jobs of project in the same time or phase. For C301 project, FAW built up project organization(Strong Matrix Mode):FCC was the master, RDC supported project on the side technologies, every department of FCC should also support project. In this project organization, there are many responsible people for division jobs, they are not only project managers, but also the managers in their departments. They should be charged with project responsibilities and departments responsibilities, so they must reduce the conflicts between project and departments. It will make project run well.The project of C301 was managed through meeting management by FCC, project meetings were divided into different classes& levels: Regular meetings of company levels(for leaders),not regular special meetings and everyday meetings. The members of project shared common information; the leaders of project can also make their decisions through meeting discussions quickly. Meeting management can save time and make project run more efficiently. Furthermore, the people taking part in meetings can get identical agreements easily.Aims management system is a kind of measurable synthetically management mode which is applied through utilizing system theory and control system theory according to customers’requirements. Aims management is the core of project management, it contains time aims, cost aims and quality aims. Cost will happen in project jobs, quality is determined by every job process, and time is determined by every job’s time. So the plan/schedule control is the most important job.During the process of C301’s plan management, we applied synchronization development mode into the project with advanced development flow, and applied APQP tools to make project main schedule. We controlled the project plan through breaking up schedule, divided the main schedule into detailed schedules. For C301 project, the schedule was divided into three levels(Main schedule, Special group schedule, Special work schedule).So we approved job’s schedule accuracy and make the job to be more efficient.Quality management is a series of activities to be done on the side of quality, it makes sure that quality goals will be got. For C301 project, we setted qualities gates during project process to modified project parameters(conditions),and built up project quitting systems.Costs management can make sure that real costs will not go beyond preliminary. For C301 project, we controlled costs through making preliminary costs plan, and managed project buying list to achieve cost’s approval, supervisal, checkup.There are some disadvantages: APQP of FCC can not provide supports to C301 project; FCC did not build up perfect project management system; The scope of project costs management is not perfect; The project plan has no relations with project costs, we can not make system& risks analysis and evaluation.So the destination of FCC’s project management mode is that we need build up perfect project management system and solve the problems happened during the project process. FCC has built up project management system and made a series of documents to lead the project as template.

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