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A Study on the Variables of Segmentation Based on Relationship Marketing

Author HuangYing
Tutor ShiJuan
School Jilin University
Course Business management
Keywords Relationship Marketing Market segmentation Market segmentation variables Relationship benefits
CLC F224
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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Market consists of lots of consumers, they have their own unique characteristics in many respects or at least in one respect,which makes up of the diversification of their needs. Traditional market segmentation is the difference between using one or more of these variables need to identify the firm’s target market. There are some common market segmentation variables, such as: geographic, demographic, psychographic and behavior and so on.With the deeply development of relationship marketing, the diversification of consumer’s needs have changed from former exchange needs stressing single exchange into relationship needs emphasizing multiple exchanges. So some new market segmentation variables used to segment relationship customers in the field of relationship marketing are needed urgently. Customer segmentation is the first and also the key step which firms use to start customer relationship marketing. Only ascertaining customer segmentation variables, segmenting customers effectively id available and then carry out some specific management strategy of customer relationship according to the segmentation“cluster”, as well as relationship marketing.Through the study of literatures, we found that most market segmentation variables under relationship paradigm were mentioned from the firm’s respect, and then study what profits firms can obtain by developing their relationship with customers. The activities that segment relationship customers are implemented from the respect that the extent relationship customers bring firms relationship interests. According to the definition of relationship marketing by Gronoos, interaction is the most important characteristic of relationship marketing, namely, the performance of relationship marketing should consider the relationship interests not only from firms may obtain, but also the customers.This paper will focus on customer’s respect, based on consumer’s relationship need diversification, refine the market segmentation variables of relationship customers and take food and beverage industry in ChangChun as object to investigate, and then carry an empirical study on the availability of following four aspects:Firstly, on the basis of literature research, standard analyze the diversification of relationship customer need under relationship marketing paradigm, introduce the dimension structure of relationship interest market segmentation variables from theoretical level.Secondly, initially testify the dimension structure of relationship interest segmentation variables picked out which based on literature research through interview.Thirdly, take the food beverage industry in ChangChun as object to implement a questionnaire, 150 piece of questionnaires had been distributed, 122 pieces had been reclaimed, the rate was 81.3﹪. After arranging them, eliminating non-unity and invalid questionnaires, 82 pieces were remained, the rate was 68﹪.Fourthly, relationship interest segmentation variables were testified through SPSS 14.0 software pack.Through above research works, the paper devotes to discuss following several problems:Firstly, why do customers establish relationship with firms?Secondly, what is the relationship need of customers? Thirdly, what are the variables used to segment customers?Fourthly, how to testify the variability of market segmentation variables?With questionnaire, as well as SPSS 14.0 (social scientific statistical software), the material was analyzed, as a result:Firstly, customers establish relationship with firms because of the motivation relationship marketing activate customer’s economic interests.Secondly, from customer’s respect, the relationship interest need of customers consist of three dimensions: confident interest, social interest and special serve interest.Thirdly, The former study mainly focus on the market segmentation from the firm’s respect under relationship paradigm, segment market from the extent customers could bring firms benefits.Fourthly, using SPSS Cluster analyze to testify the validity of relationship interest segmentation variables, prove that relationship interest segmentation variables could be used to segment relationship customers under relationship paradigm.At last, the final conclusion points out that the paper’s disadvantage and the future research direction.

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