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Theoretical Study on Properties of Atom in the External Fields

Author JinCheng
Tutor ZhouXiaoXin
School Northwest Normal University
Course Atomic and Molecular Physics
Keywords B-spline function Electrostatic field Anti-cross Microwave field Close-coupling method Multi-photon resonance Intense laser field Split-operator method Wavelet transform High-order harmonic
CLC O562
Type Master's thesis
Year 2006
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In this paper, an alkali metal atom model potential , for the first time to use the B-spline function as a basis function of an alkali metal atom in the electrostatic field and microwave field behavior . Numerical diagonalization method for solving the stationary state of the potassium atoms in the electrostatic field Schr ( o | ¨ ) dinger equation , Rydberg potassium atom Stark level anti-cross , anti-cross the calculated position and width with the experimental values are in good agreement , and the anti-cross caused by the atomic core role and spin - orbit interaction are discussed . Based on the above , the use of two-state approximation, Close - coupling method for solving microwave and electrostatic fields under the combined effects of potassium atoms Schr ( o | ¨ ) dinger equation , Rydberg potassium atom between the Stark states microwave multi-photon transitions , calculated by multi-photon resonance spectroscopy experiments and theoretical results obtained in full compliance with the multiphoton transition Rabi oscillation analyzed and discussed . This article also split operator method numerical solution of the three - dimensional real hydrogen atoms in external fields containing Schr ( o | ¨ ) dinger equation to study the influence of the electrostatic field on the hydrogen atom in a strong laser field high harmonic generation . Compared with no electrostatic field , the intensity of the hydrogen atom in the electrostatic field generated odd harmonics decrease , and there are even harmonics and double platform structure on the harmonic spectrum . Using wavelet transform , observe different times higher harmonics launches . Through the analysis of the semi - classical theory , explains the electrostatic field of hydrogen atoms in a strong laser field generated higher harmonics mechanism , and some meaningful conclusions .

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