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Research and Development of Superabsorbents

Author LiRui
Tutor YanShiQiang
School Lanzhou University
Course Chemical Engineering and Technology
Keywords Kraft Paper Orthogonal Design Superabsorbents Graft Copolymerization Magnetic Particle
CLC TQ324.8
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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Superabsorbent was a new type of functional polymer materials which could absorb and held a large amount of water ever under pressure. These materials had been widely used in mangy fields on account of their excellent properties. For fully utilizing the resource, superabsorbents for agriculture and oil area were synthesized by waste kraft paper.In the first part, superabsorbents based on starch, microlite cellulose and sodium acrylate were synthesized by inverse suspension polymerization after pretreatment of kraft paper. The optimized reaction conditions were: reaction temperature 55°C, reaction time 3 h, neutralization degree of AA 75%, dosages of crosslinking agent, initiator, starch and cellulose 0.6%, 0.5%,10% and 10% (based on the mass of monomer),respectively. The fabric of gel was observed by microscope. The results showed the absorbencys of the resin were 727.81 g/g and 70.8 g/g in case of distilled water and W(NaCl)=0.9% water solution, respectively. The applications of superabsorbents to soil in planting were carried. The experiment results showed that the absorbability and restraining water vaporization of soil were increased when the amount of the resin increased in the mixed soil. The dosage of resin 0.3 % 0.5 % in soil was good in the angle of economy and plant growth.The second part based on the former research focused in the preparations and surface modifications of Fe3O4 and Fe3O4-SiO2 particles. The effects of n (Fe3+)/n (Fe2+) and the addition of Fe3O4 and SiO2 particles were investigated. The results showed that n (Fe3+) / n (Fe2+) 1.76:1 was good in the preparation of Fe3O4 particle, saturation magnetization and absorbability of magnetic superabsorbents were lower than magnetic paticles . This work should be studied in further research.

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