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Blueberry Propagating and Cultivation Techniques in Zhejiang Province

Author LiuMaoQuan
Tutor HanWenYan
School Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
Course Gardening
Keywords Blue Ge Multiplication Cultivate
CLC S663.9
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Aka blueberry cranberry, blueberry, is a Ericaceae Vaccinium subfamily cranberry species, perennial deciduous or evergreen shrubs or small trees, mainly in North America and Europe, the genus of plants in the world 450. China is known to have 91 kinds, 28 varieties, the North and the South are distributed, but the main distribution area in the southwest, north and northeast regions. Zhejiang part of the geographical distribution of the cultivated area is not large, mainly still in the pilot phase of the introduction and cultivation, very little commercial cultivation. Blueberries have higher health effects, blueberries not only contain more fructose, fiber, vitamins, ACE and other nutrients, is more important is rich in antioxidants, bacterial production inhibitor, folic acid, anthocyanin compound, these compounds on human The elimination of free radicals, inhibition and reversal of human aging is closely related to. Certain health effects for the elderly-related diseases such as heart disease, arthritis, wrinkles while promoting as the red pigment synthesis, improve circulation, anti-ulcer, anti-inflammatory and other pharmacological activities, we can see not just blueberries is a fruit, more importantly, is a health and functional foods. So more and more the place to start planting blueberries, which led to the need of a large number of seedlings. Research blueberry seed breeding technology, advancing blueberries to expand the cultivation and development of the rural economy has a very large role. In this study, by different factors impact test, blueberry breeding and cultivation techniques to find out the best method of breeding and reasonable cultivation and management technologies. There are a variety of blueberry breeding methods, different methods have their own advantages and disadvantages, mastered suitable breeding method by experiments. Blueberry environment demanding, there must be a certain amount of low temperature and reasonable ph value, under long-day conditions conducive to vegetative growth, while the flower bud differentiation shall under short-day conditions, 20% of full sunlight intensity is formation of a large number of flower buds necessary condition. Introduction and cultivation in different regions, there is a large difference in growing. So, through the introduction and cultivation test for different regions of Zhejiang blueberries most suitable cultivation areas and reasonable cultivation techniques. The results showed that blueberries can reproduce by planting, cutting, grafting technology, simple operation techniques of cutting propagation, but cutting survival rate by factors such as the cutting medium cutting time, cuttings the branches of Laonen degrees and cutting rooting agent concentration level of survival factors for optimum cuttings through the test cutting medium requires loose, breathable, high organic matter content, cutting time in July to October the best cutting branches semi-lignification of green branches, cuttings rooting concentration at 750 to 1500mg/kg between the better. Seed propagation method is simple, but the germination rate is not high, and a variant of the tendency. Grafted seedlings than cuttings seedlings adaptability, but the grafting method is technically complex, and the survival rate is not high, the general stock with Bracteatum better, and Zhijie better than the budding. Therefore, the production method is cutting propagation. Blueberry cultivation and management of temperature and soil properties have special requirements, at a temperature of -15 ° C low temperature tolerant, generally requires a mild winter and high summer temperatures, the annual average temperature is about 18 ~ 22 ℃. The requirements of the soil organic matter content, good ventilation and sufficient water stable acidic sandy soil, especially soil acidic conditions are particularly strict, the most suitable pH value of 4.5 to 4.8. Moisture requirement is not very strict, blue berries drought tolerance and Waterlogging Tolerance are moderate. Therefore many places suitable for the cultivation of blueberries in Zhejiang Zhejiang blueberries have a huge potential for development.

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