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Dissertation of the Master of Geotechnical Engineering Study on the Rapid Curing of Silt in Coastal Regions.

Author XuYan
Tutor WangZuo
School Wuhan Institute of Rock and Soil Mechanics
Course Geotechnical Engineering
Keywords Foundation treatment soil stabilizerAX coastal foundation artifical hard crust E-44 epoxy resin curing agent curing temperature curing time
CLC TU472.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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The treatment of soft soil becomes popular in coastal engineering due to reclamation usage of dredge sediment from port basins, lakes, navigation channels,ponds,and lagoons.There are a lot of methods have been tried for these projects.Besides,new methods are still an interesting and attractive topic for researchers in this filed.As the geological condition shave big effects on the choice of treatment methods,according to sudden event,such as landing ,conventional methods and stuff can not meet the time-limit .This paper aims to find out the suitable method on particular geological condition in coastal region.Firstly, the characteristics of soft soil especially of the seashore’s was recommended and the ordinary methods of foundation treatment and new techniques was carefully researched, so the suitable methods of coastal soft soil’s foundation treatment was chose, and the new technique of coastal soft soil’s foundation treatment was developed and advanced,which is constitution of artifical hard crust .Detailed design is : pave an epoxy resin hard crust on the silt ;As the moisture content of the silt in coastal regions is very high,if the epoxy resin is directly paved on the silt,the water in the silt even makes the epoxy resin uncured.And a new soil stabilizer is needed,which could quickly cure the top silt,formate a new hard crust and isolate the water .Then the epoxy resin is paved on it,and a composite hard crust is formatted.At the same time,this paper systematically introduced the ranking ,principle and the development in home and abroad of the soil stabilizer.Through the research of high polymer monomer-polymer, the use of a new soil stabilizerAX was presented..And the applicability and effectivity was proofed by the laboratory experiment . Presenting the simple method of calculating stress ,applying elastic thin plate theory to study the mechanical characteristic of artifical hard crust in the coastal ge-conditions.The new soil stabilizer AX is mainly treating the water of the top silt, the treating depth of AX was limited,but it effectively removes the bad effects of the water,concreates the condition for the epoxy resin. Based on the E-44 epoxy resin, related indoor laboratory experiments of some frequent curing agents were taked,and the curing results was compared.The fator of the curing time and performance was analysed.At last, the optimum curing temperature and the optimum curing time were fixed.Based on the study of the mechanics of some frequent curing agents,a new curing agent C and new elasticiter M were prepared.The curing time,the shearing strength and the peel strength etc. were tested. Finally, the optimum curing temperature and the optimum curing time were fixed.

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