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Numerical Simulation Study on Expansive Force of Lining for Tunnel in Expansive Soil

Author ZhouKun
Tutor ChouWenGe
School Southwest Jiaotong University
Course Bridge and Tunnel Engineering
Keywords Expansive soils Tunnel Structural internal force Numerical Simulation
CLC U451.4
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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Expansive soil is a multi- fractured and has significant swelling and shrinkage of the geological body . Expansive geotechnical repeated water swelling , dehydration contraction, causing very serious consequences on the tunnel project . Must therefore be obtained by studying the mechanism of action of the tunnel through the expansive soil , as well as to swelling stress redistribution law , to identify the appropriate countermeasures , thus guiding the design and construction of the expansion of the structure of the soil tunnel . In this paper, the Ministry of Railways Design Institute project \First introduced the expansion and contraction of the expansive soil causes and mechanism of expansion of soil tunnel computing method ; introduces the basic features of the expansive soil surrounding rock , and expansive soil tunnel of common diseases and preventive measures . And finite element numerical simulation analysis of tunnel excavation , surrounded by expansive soil water swelling obtained different case LINING and the surface displacement dong weeks displacement distribution of the tunnel lining , BOLT , come to the following Conclusion: (1) tunnel lINING depth, expansion rate and expansion ring thickness . Expansion factors LINING is very significant , and the depth of small factors . (2) For the purposes of a an anchor for expansion around the maximum axial force anchor and lining junction , the anchor bolt axial force along the axial direction from the inside outward descending . Bolt axial force of arch back at the largest dome at the bolt axial force minimum. (3) a linear relationship between tension and expansion rate of the anchor . In the case of certain of the expansion ratio , the expansion ring thickness has little influence on the maximum axial force on the anchor rod . ( 4 ) is much greater than the depth of the thickness and the expansion rate of expansion loops lining deformation . The expansion of the expansion ring ( 5) around the tunnel , up the dome surface uplift; increases with the depth of the depth of the dome above the surface displacement increases . (6) the expansion rate of the tunnel structure , the minimum The expansion loops thickness , followed by the depth of tunnel structure .

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