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Research on Engineering Characteristics and Treatment of Expansive Soil in Subgrade on Chong-shang Second-grade Highway

Author LiangXiang
Tutor ZhengKe
School Hunan University
Course Road and Railway Engineering
Keywords Compacted expansive soils Discrimination and classification Deformation and strength Slope stability Improved Treatment
CLC U416.167
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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Expansive soil as a special nature of clay , has widely distributed around the world and most of our region . In recent years, with the rapid development of China's national economy , a large number of high-grade highway construction , a lot of high-grade highways across the development areas of expansive soils . Since the expansion of the soil with water volume expansion , dehydration shrinkage cracking , poor engineering properties of subgrade can cause serious Subgrade Disease , and should not be directly used as roadbed filler . However , if simple the abandoned side processing , will increase the project cost , at the same time a large number of abandoned side along the road will pollute the surrounding environment is not conducive along environmental protection , and therefore is placed in front of the majority of our road builders a more expansive soil subgrade urgent task. To Guangxi Chongzuo first to think of two road construction projects as the basis, on the basis of on-site soil investigation , adverse expansive soil engineering properties of expansive soils Experimental Study . This paper, conventional highway engineering test indicators and SOM neural network model for identification and classification of expansive soils , reasonable assurance as to the level of expansive soil expansion and contraction along the highway , and verified by experiment . By extensive experimental research , to establish a quantitative relationship between the compacted expansive soil samples expansion deformation, swelling force and shear strength of the soil samples initial water content , dry density and pressure of the overlying as expansive soil slope the basis of stability analysis . Consider water content and expansion limit analysis of the stability of expansive soil slope safety factor formula is deduced , and the corresponding calculation . Experimental study of the physical and mechanical properties of expansive soils in different mixed with cement , mixed with sand , mixed with good soil proportion conditions , analysis of the variation of the nature of the engineering indicators under different mixing ratio and water content conditions , to determine the economic rational improved program, construction technology , construction , control measures provide a basis . The the geotextile cloth cover law and sandwiches interbedded law paving the test road . By tracking survey and performance testing , evaluate the actual effect of the test road test road site . Comprehensive analysis of expansive soil improved economic reinforcement , the results show that : the use of the the geotextile cloth cover method and sandwiches interbedded law subgrade Using , has obvious economic and social benefits .

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