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Research on Effect of Cd to the Main Medicinal Components of Baphicanthus CusiaBremek and Contral Technology

Author HeMingHui
Tutor WeiChengXi
School Guizhou University
Course Plant Nutrition
Keywords Cd contaminated soil Banlangen Indirubin Inhibitors Prevention and control technology
CLC S567.239
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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Pot experiment was conducted to study the different levels of cadmium contaminated soil, Banlangen growth, the main nutrient elements (N, P, K) absorption as well as the main medicinal ingredient indirubin. Increased application rate of the test results show that, with the heavy metal cadmium in the soil (Cd 2 ), cadmium (Cd 2 ) in Banlangen plants in vivo content increasing . Banlangen absorption from contaminated soil Cd 2 most of the accumulation in the roots, transported to the shoots rarely. Cadmium accumulation in vivo in Banlangen Banlangen the plant height, number of branches, number of leaves and other biomass indicators affected, with an average dry weight of declining. N, P, K content decreased, the main medicinal ingredient indirubin decreased, the decline in quality. The cadmium content of more than drug health standards (Cd ≤ 0.03mg). A pot experiment was conducted to study cadmium contaminated soil on of several improved materials Banlangen growth, the main nutrient elements (N, P, K) absorption as well as the main medicinal ingredient indirubin. The test results show that, add the right amount of lime as inhibitors inhibit crop absorption of the effective cadmium in the soil, Banlangen cadmium content can be reduced to the pharmaceutical hygiene standards; Add FCMP as inhibitors, inhibition of the crops on the soil effectively Cadmium absorption. Low volume the FCMP processing than high amount of calcium magnesium phosphate treatment better yield and indirubin content contrast, the former than the latter 48.96% and 88.73% respectively. On the cadmium content of total ash content compared, the former than the latter were lower by 36.84% and 11.52%, respectively, and the former reached medicinal standards; Add organic fertilizer as inhibitors effectively inhibit crop absorption of the effective cadmium in the soil. High than low amount of organic fertilizer high in yield compared 20% indirubin content quality comparison, the cadmium content of total ash content, low volume processing than the high amount of processing high 12.5%, 31.52% lower and low % to the the medicinal standards; plant growth regulators to accelerate the growth of Banlangen shorten the growing season, thereby reducing the absorption of cadmium. 1.5 hours is appropriate should be selected in the choice of root dipping time, dip root 1.5 hours processing yield than root dip 3 hours 97.71%, the content of indirubin 255.6%, low cadmium content of 51%, the total ash content 14.75% lower. Achieve medicinal Standard. These results indicate that the test results, analytical studies, herbal medicines Banlangen cultivation in accordance with the standard of the green herbal medicines. The degree of cadmium contaminated soil less than 20mg/kg, feasible cultivation prevention measures: organic neutral role and accelerate the growth and shorten the growing season, pharmaceutical hygiene standards so that of cadmium resistance weak Banlangen cadmium content reached, even if the soil tends to be neutral and to accelerate growth in order to achieve the purpose of the production of Chinese herbal drugs according to health standards Banlangen.

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