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The Schisandra effective component extraction method

Author GongDianPeng
Tutor GaoLeng
School Changchun University of
Course Organic Chemistry
Keywords Schisandra ultrasonic lignans supercritical CO2
CLC S567.19
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Chinese magnoliavine fruit, ripe fruit of Magnoliaceae plant of Schisandra chinensis(Turez.)Bail).The Shisandra chinensis main eeffetive component is the lignans compounds. These have many kinds of effects of antibaeterial, anti-oxidation, anti-seniliyt, guarnatees the liver to protect the heart, the supperssion cenrtal nevrous system and so on. So far,most study of Chinese magnoliavine fruit have been based on the things like lignans, few studies focus on volatile oil.The volatile oil composition mostly is terpenoids, and others contain a small amount of aldehydes, ketones, and other oxygen-containing components.The method of the traditional extraction method, Soxhlet extraction and ultrasonic extraction were studied on extracting Shisandra lignan research in this paper,which material is Shisandra. The results showed that Shisandra lignan extraction rate by ultrasonic extraction method is much higher than the other two methods.To explore better Schisandra lignan extraction process,the application of ultrasonic method of Shisandra lignans on the extraction process was studied, and a comprehensive, systematic impact of Shisandra lignans on the extraction of the various factors were compared. In the ultrasonic extraction method, the range determined by single-factor orthogonal experiment scheme, and then come to a better ultrasonic extraction conditions:extraction solvent:water, extraction temperature:70℃, solid-liquid ratio:1:20, ultrasonic power:1050W, extraction time:120min. Under these conditions, the extraction rate of Shisandra lignans is 6.25%. To lignan extraction rate as an index to compare the Soxhlet extraction method, the traditional solvent extraction and ultrasonic extraction.It is Shisandra extraction rate of volatile oil as inspection targets, by orthogonal design method of extracting CO2 supercritical extraction process.The extraction conditions: extracting pressure:20MPa, extraction temperature:40℃, CO2 flow rate:20L/h, extraction time:120min.In this condition, Shisandra essential oil rate could reach 14.8%, but steam distillation of volatile oil extraction rate was only 7.4%. The rate of CO2 supercritical extraction method is higher than steam distillation. GC-MS preliminarily identificated 14 components in supercritical CO2 Extraction method.In this paper,it is used orthogonal experiment which got ultrasonic extraction of Shisandra lignans of the most good conditions,based on the ultrasonic power, extraction time, extraction temperature, solid-liquid ratio of single-factor test. All those provided a theoretical basis for the Shisandra lignans extraction; the other hand, the study of conditions of supercritical CO2 extraction preliminary analysised the composition of volatile oil, and provided reference for volatile oil of the study and the use.

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