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Comparison Studies on Tissue Culture and Pharmacodynamics of Pinellia Ternate in Different Populations, Guizhou

Author LiangZuo
Tutor LuoChong
School Guizhou Normal
Course Botany
Keywords Pinellia Different populations Step seedling Chemical composition Antitussive Pharmacodynamic
CLC S567.239
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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To in Tongren City Xieqiao, Rongjiang County, Walled Artemisia, Zunyi County crossing Huaxi, Xingren Long Course and Hezhang County six wild Machuan, different populations tuber material, by comparing the different hormone combination of six hormone the Habitat group tuber step culture, the establishment of six different populations of Pinellia tubers step seedling propagation technology system, and screened suitable for different populations of Pinellia tuber step seedling culture combination, to different populations of Pinellia in tissue culture, the same culture conditions and a large number of uniform quality seedlings provide some experimental basis; Determination of six different populations of Pinellia tuber β-sitosterol alcohol, total biomass alkali, total protein content and guanosine and the pharmacodynamic test using experimental animal models, for comparison and evaluation of the quality of the different populations of wild Pinellia, and then screening the rapid propagation of elite germplasm, the artificial cultivation as well as further research to provide preliminary scientific basis. The main results are as follows: 1. Different populations of Pinellia away from the body tubers Establishment of Regeneration System in three kinds disinfected, the \The for 2% NaCl0 3 minutes 0.2% HgCl 2 10 minutes Population Pinellia tuber explants of six surface disinfection effect best, the average survival rate of 82.5%. The six populations tuber add the appropriate ratio of 2,4-D and 6-BA of NAA and 6-BA, NAA and KT MS medium on plant regeneration. Which were added 0.5mg · L -1 2,4-D 1.0mg · L -1 6-BA 0.5mg · L -1 < / sup> 2,4-D 1.5mg · L -1 6-BA, 1.0mg · L -1 NAA 1.5mg · L -1 6-BA combination of these three hormones on MS medium, the six populations Pinellia tubers step culture results were better, of each explant average differentiation regenerated seedlings between 6.50 to 12.00 , 60 to 64 days to complete the regenerated plants can be obtained. These three hormone combinations on plant regeneration transplanting, 15 days after the the 6 populations regenerated plants transplanting survival rate is above 90%. 2. The four chemical composition of different populations of Pinellia Comparative Study Select the the the four chemical composition tuber β-sitosterol alcohol, as an indicator of total alkaloids, total protein, and guanosine, its content was determined in order to evaluate the six populations Quality of Pinellia of. The test showed that six populations tuber, four chemical ingredients differ, Xingren Xinlong field populations of Pinellia beta-sitosterol, the highest total protein content, Tongren City Xieqiao populations Pinellia total alkaloid content of the highest of Huaxi populations Pinellia guanosine highest content. Four chemical ingredients analysis variables, paired t-test of the six populations, results showed that the the six populations differences are not significant; clustering analysis, six populations can be divided into four groups, Zunyi County crossing, Huaxi Hezhang County three wild Machuan, populations of Class 1, Rongjiang County Village Artemisia,, Tongren City Xieqiao, Xingren the Xinlong field populations 1. 3 different populations of Pinellia pharmacodynamic comparative study antitussive effect of mice to high-and low doses of water extract of different populations of Pinellia indicators examine six different populations of Pinellia pharmacodynamic differences The results show that the six populations of Pinellia high and low dose water extract inhibited mice cough. Of each ranking group Pinellia times of administration of low doses of water extract and administered 1h after each dose group of mice within 1min the average cough number of regression analysis, the results showed that the highly significant linear relationship exists between mice cough frequency decreases with the increase in the number of administration. According to the regression equation to determine the various populations of Pinellia high doses of antitussive effect of the water extract are better than low-dose water extract. Various populations of Pinellia antitussive effect of high doses of water extract as follows: the Hezhang County the wild Machuan populations Pinellia> Huaxi populations Pinellia> Zunyi County crossing populations Pinellia> Tongren City Xieqiao populations Pinellia> Rongjiang County Walled Artemisia populations Pinellia>, the Xingren Xinlong field populations of Pinellia.

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