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Confucianism and the Qin Dynasty social

Author WangDeCheng
Tutor YangChaoMing
School Qufu Normal University
Course Specialized History
Keywords Confucianism Qin Dynasty social Affect
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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Pre-Qin Confucianism because of the diversity of the unique advantages and dissemination to the eve of the Qin unified the country , not only the majority of the East of the six countries had a profound impact on , also affect the Legalists Thoughts for the guidance of the state of Qin . In turn affect the unprecedented unified by the six countries of the East and the state of Qin region on the basis of established social Qin Dynasty . Confucianism in the performance of the material aspects of the Qin Dynasty , Confucianism has affected the production and life of the Qin Dynasty ; Confucianism in the Qin Dynasty institutional level , refers to Confucianism for the political unification of the Qin dynasty , political system , and the impact of various codes of conduct ; Confucianism level values ??in the Qin Dynasty , Confucianism education as well as the value of people's guidelines in the Qin Dynasty , way of thinking and mental state . Confucianism as the Qin Dynasty, an important part of the ideological and cultural fields , inevitably influenced by the Qin Dynasty society . Unified ideology and culture and try to construct a so-called new ideological and cultural system , the the Qin Dynasty implementation of Legalism inclusive cultural policy guidance , which created the conditions for the spread and development of Confucianism . Of Confucianism in the society of the Qin Dynasty , due to the unprecedented unity and some of the policy objectives of the Qin Dynasty that spread and development ; Qin Dynasty \Confucianism also lost its original value ; Legalism Confucianism is to promote the legalization of Confucianism . The point of view of the interaction between Confucianism and the Qin Dynasty society , we see : the Qin Dynasty II died without Confucianism ; force Governance \the conversion of the foundation, the gestation period is the Chinese the academic biography flow in its important part .

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