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Resistance Selecting and Resistance Mechanism of Tetranychus Urticae Koch to Spirodicofen and Clofentezine

Author ZhangZhiGang
Tutor ShenHuiMin
School Gansu Agricultural University
Course Crop Protection
Keywords The two-spotted spider mite Spirodiclofen Clofentezine Selection of Resistance Physiological and biochemical mechanisms Synergies
CLC S482.52
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Indoor two-spotted spider mites Spirodiclofen clofentezine resistance breeding resistant strains of 18 kinds of pesticides and acaricides cross-resistance measurement and physiological and biochemical analysis, clear Tetranychus mites Spirodiclofen , clofentezine of resistance evolution process and mechanisms of resistance, for Spirodiclofen, the clofentezine resistance monitoring technologies, resistance management and rational use of screening effective synergist provide a theoretical basis. This article main findings are as follows: the two-spotted spider mites the Spirodiclofen and clofentezine resistant nurturing and resistance evolution to use Spirodiclofen and clofentezine deal with the two-spotted spider mite sensitive populations, resistant strains Spirodiclofen (SP-R) and clofentezine resistant strains (CL-R), Indoor bioassay toxicity determination of the two-spotted spider mite, S, SP-R and CL-R strain. The results show that: the two-spotted spider mites on the resistance breeding Spirodiclofen to 26 generations resistance index (RI) reached 58.83 Resistance evolution of the early development of resistance is extremely slow, mid-stabilized, late getting faster; spots spider mites clofentezine resistance evolution pre-stable, the late resistance rapid development, breeding to 21 generations resistance index (RI) of 122.25. Resistant strain of two-spotted spider mite Spirodiclofen Clofentezine resistant strains cross-resistance study Spirodiclofen 18 kinds of pesticides and acaricides resistant strains (SP-R) fenpropathrin, cypermethrin significantly cross-resistance (RI gt; 5.00) fenbutatin clofentezine clofentezine, Celastrus angulatus alkaloids, avermectin cyhalothrin pyridaben · da · Water isocarbophos azocyclotin, dicofol, pyridaben omethoate no cross-resistance (1 lt; RI lt; 5.00), negative interaction of Liuyangmycin, chlorpyrifos, Hexythiazox, diesel · Pyridaben, Fenpyroximate Resistance (RI lt; 1). Anti clofentezine strains (CL-R) fenpropathrin, cyhalothrin, cypermethrin, Liuyangmycin, da mites · clofentezine, the clatter · Isocarbophos and pyridaben obvious cross-resistance (RI gt; 5.00), while the avermectin, dicofol, Azocyclotin,, omethoate, no cross-resistance the spirodiclofen esters Fenpyroximate, chlorpyrifos and diesel · da mites Ling (lt; RI lt; 5.00 ); fenbutatin Celastrus angulatus alkaloids hexythiazox negative cross-resistance (RI lt; 1). Of Tetranychus urticae anti-Spirodiclofen and clofentezine strains detoxification enzymes physiological and biochemical analysis the esters population (SP-R) of the anti-Spirodiclofen carboxylesterase CarE vitality passage 20 is 1.03 times that of the susceptible strain enzyme acid phosphatase esterase (ACP) vitality resistant populations of 20, took the S population 1.72 times; alkaline phosphatase (AKP) is 1.29 times the susceptible strain; glutathione-S-transferase (GSTs) S populations than vitality 1.72 times; the multifunction oxidase oxygen activity demethylation MFOs 1.27 times for the S populations. Anti clofentezine populations (CL-R) carboxylesterase the CarE vitality passage 21 is the S populations enzyme 2.26 times; acid phosphatase (ACP) is 2.06 times the susceptible strain; alkaline phosphatase ( AKP) also performed significantly steady increase vitality; glutathione S-transferase (GSTs) CL-R21 vitality is susceptible strain of 1.98 times; the multifunction oxidase oxygen demethylation MFOs activity of 26.68 times for the S strain. The results show that: the two-spotted spider mite Spirodiclofen Clofentezine the resistance growth with detoxification enzymes of CarE, ACP, AKP, GSTs and MFOs increased activation. Six kinds the synergist of Spirodiclofen clofentezine synergistic effect of piperonyl butoxide, special inhibition efficiency of phosphorus, Shun diethyl maleate, triphenyl phosphate detoxification enzymes synergist mixed with Spirodiclofen clofentezine, screening synergist synergies of the two agents. The results show that: piperonyl butoxide, synergistic multiple synergistic phosphorus, Shun diethyl maleate, triphenyl phosphate Spirodiclofen in for 1.81,1.03,1.53,1.67 clofentezine efficiency multiples of 5.94,1.43,1.49,1.22, show some synergies; silicone Spirodiclofen clofentezine obvious synergies, efficiency multiples were 1.35,2.02. Compounding additives 885 pairs of Spirodiclofen clofentezine efficiency multiples were 2.55,2.72 obvious synergies.

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