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Preparation and Properties of Hydroxyecdysone Microcapsules by Complex Coacervation

Author LiHe
Tutor ChiDeFu
School Northeast Forestry University
Course Forest Biological Engineering
Keywords Complex coacervation Microcapsules Ecdysone Controlled release Light stability
CLC S482.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Green Pesticide Formulation Development is the focus of current research . Mainly related to the ultra-efficient , low toxicity ( or non-toxic ) , low-residue , environmental pollution , chemical pesticides , hormones pesticides is one of the important direction . Microcapsules as a protection technique , often used in the preparation of the new pesticide . In this paper, selected by orthogonal experimental beta - ecdysone (β-HE) microcapsules best preparation conditions ; using scanning electron microscopy and optical microscopy to characterize the preparation of β-HE microcapsules morphology ; study β-HE micro the capsules release behavior and light stability , and the β - HE microcapsules indoor virulence determination experiment . The main findings are as follows : optimized by single factor and multi-factor orthogonal optimization experiments to determine the system in the wall material concentration of 3% the core wall material ratio of 1:1 , early pH value of 4.6 , the late pH value of 8.0 for β- HE Microencapsulation optimum conditions . Under this condition , the film may be formed wall smooth, uniform size of the spherical microcapsules having an average particle size of 5μm, the drug loading and the covering rate reached 68.5 % and 63.4% respectively . The release behavior of the microcapsules showed that the analog insects enteral under ambient conditions and in simulated field under the environmental conditions , the β - HE microcapsule phase for the normal β-HE has obvious release behavior . Photodegradation experiments , β-HE microencapsulated phase for ordinary p-HE has significant UV resistance , strong light stability . The virulence test experiment , β-HE microcapsules β-HE original drug in the the feeding insects 3 days virulence regression equation : (1) β-HE microcapsules : Y = 11.1221 1.7053x ; LC50 = 0.0024 (2) β-HE original drug : Y = 11.4260 1.7546x ; LC50 of = 0.0022 . Selected in the feeding containing β - HE microcapsules with β-HE original drug 3 days after the insecticidal effect , β - HE microcapsules of the pharmacodynamic effect of holding time is longer , and the insecticidal effect was more significant .

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