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Study on Allelopathy of Stellera Chamaejasme of Horqin Grassland

Author FuYao
Tutor CaoChengYou
School Northeastern University
Course Biochemical Engineering
Keywords Horqin grassland Stellera chamaejasme Allelopathy Physiological indicators Soil degradation
CLC S452
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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The of Stellera chamaejasme big expansion on degraded grassland in the north of poisonous plants plays an important role in the ecosystem , grassland degradation . From the perspective of allelopathy substances within stellera chameajasme were extracted with water and ethanol solvent . The the two extracts two stellera chamaejasme associated plants ( Salicornia the dish , Arthraxon grass ) seed germination and seedling growth ; comparative analysis of soil samples were collected at the same time of Stellera chamaejasme rhizosphere and non - rhizosphere soil nutrient content and changes in soil microbial activity . The results showed that water and ethanol stellera chameajasme two extraction dope produce significant inhibition of of bedstraw and Arthraxon grass seed germination rate and germination process , dope strongest inhibition reduced as the concentration inhibition reduced ; stronger inhibitory effect on the ethanol extract of water extract . Processing of the extract , the seed germination process in proline content improved soluble protein and soluble sugar content decreased , indicating that the physiological and metabolic functions extract can inhibit the germination of seeds ; the seedling tissue malondialdehyde (MDA) content , superoxide dismutase (SOD) activity increased, indicating that the plant extract allelopathy stress reaction . The of Stellera chamaejasme accompanying plant allelopathy is one of the reasons causing degradation of the grassland vegetation . Of Stellera chamaejasme growth process can cause reduced 0-30 cm rhizosphere soil nutrients N , P , K and organic matter content , soil microbial biomass C , N and P content decreased soil hydrolase ( phosphomonoesterase , urease, protease and invertase ) and oxidoreductase ( dehydrogenase , polyphenol oxidase and nitrate reductase ) activity decreased . The decrease in the 5-30 cm soil layer was significantly higher than the surface layer of 0-5 cm . Show that the the circulation slows rhizosphere soil nutrient elements of Stellera chamaejasme growth , soil microbes reduce the number of declining soil fertility , decreased activity , which is one of the main reasons the grass stellera chamaejasme soil degradation .

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