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The Applied Research on the Influence of Vegetation for Slope Protection on the Slope Stability

Author ZuoChangMing
Tutor YanZhiXin
School Central South University of Forestry Science and Technology
Course Forest Engineering
Keywords Vegetation Protection The original ecology Three-dimensional solid slope Mechanical model Selection of vegetation Mathematical analysis
CLC S157
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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In construction, there are always a lot of excavation destroyed the original vegetation, causing a lot of bare slopes and rocky slope, leading to serious soil erosion and ecological imbalance. Slope Vegetation is the use of solid soil vegetation water culvert slope stability principles of ecological environment while beautifying a new technology that is involved in geotechnical engineering, restoration ecology, botany and other subjects in an integrated engineering technology. Plant protection design basic indicators are strengthening the ability of plant roots, plant roots force in geotechnical medium complexity and variability, making it very difficult to calculate the reinforcement capabilities. In many engineering problems, vegetation, slope protection is still at the design calculation stage experience. By reading a lot of literature, at the conclusion based on the results of previous studies, the paper through the roots of herbaceous plants and soil interaction research and analysis, on an experimental basis, the establishment of herbaceous plants and soil mechanics role models, quantitative analysis of the herb root distribution and soil cohesion and shear force increases relationships; For woody plants, the ability to control the tangential reinforcement rock mass expansion, separation, shear failure plays an important role in the design of slope protection is one of the important parameters. Based on the mechanism of action of vegetation slope, test analysis, to establish the root reinforcement tangential force test model to investigate the ability of vegetation roots single slope theoretical calculation solution, so as to slope plant protection design provides a theoretical basis. Based on the slope of the mechanical effects of vegetation and hydrological effects of proposed new method for three-dimensional solid slope and through the project feasibility study and stability analysis, get a good effect on the future plant slope provides an important theoretical significance and application value. Additionally, this article from the \, the use of plant community succession theory, the green slope of the impact factor standardization, the use of mathematical analysis to calculate the impact factor of sorting, selecting the best \Finally, combined with specific project examples, is presented for the practical engineering of plants for slope engineering design and construction methods, through to the actual project Slope Vegetation trial observation, inspection of vegetation slope of anti-erosion works well, and its slope stability Through mechanical model has been verified, which for practical engineering can play an important role in guiding.

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