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Original Analysis on the Speech Difficulty of Chinese-Speaking EFL Learners

Author CaoNing
Tutor QuanXiaoHui
School Northwest Normal University
Course Curriculum and Pedagogy
Keywords Difficulties in oral expression Speech production process Lexical Representation Code-switching The form and function of peer-to-peer
CLC H319
Type Master's thesis
Year 2006
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Community of English learners in China, especially Chinese students generally poor oral communication skills criticized a lot, some scholars from input, output language learning environment, teaching materials, teachers, anxiety, such as angle analysis of this phenomenon the reasons and proposed the corresponding countermeasures. As Selinger (1990) said the language is a product of the psychological. Pure specific psychological processes and thus out of the speech output from the input, output, and many of the various analysis, theory persuasive and practical influence will be greatly reduced. Psycholinguistics, neurolinguistics and bilingual research results show that language learners (two languages ??to master characterization sharing concept has not reached the same semi-bilingual proficiency) language, lexical representation independent, resulting in the expression of foreign languages ??spoken The existence of a brain inside the process of code conversion process. So between the form and function of language at this time converted to seek a foreign language on the form of the native functions. Learners find Chinese sentence patterns strongly expressed, the expression of the corresponding words in English. Since both English and Chinese on the morphology, structure and function are not always a simple one-to-one correspondence between a limited attention resources, making the attention excessive assigned to an activity is bound to the same time Another yet reached automation activities carried out smoothly cause difficult to avoid the negative effects. In this study, the level of spoken different Take a look at Figure retell the story compared their speech production process, the experimental results support the hypothesis: low-level learners limited language ability in oral expression than high-level learners pause more often and longer. The underlying reason is: Because of the many differences in terms of morphology, usage and functions of both English and Chinese, making the mother tongue function, and foreign languages ??in the form of attention allocation limit is difficult to achieve consistent and balanced a short period of time in the spoken output This is the main expression of spoken Chinese English learners successfully. These results indicate that: the fundamental measures to solve this problem is not, as some scholars advocated \to speed code switching and eventually automated. This thesis consists of seven parts. The first part is an overview of the background, purpose and significance of the research. The second part is an overview of the various reasons for the difficulties at home and abroad on second language learners' oral expression investigate and explore the explanatory power of both theoretical and practical level these deficiencies. The third part of psycholinguistics, neurolinguistics and bilingual research elucidates the theoretical framework of this study. The fourth part of the experimental study. The fifth part of the test results were analyzed, and on the basis of the analysis, the results of the tests to be discussed. In the fifth part of the analysis and discussion based on Part VI summarizes some of the basic inspiration of the research on teaching practice. The last part of the brief introduction to some shortcomings of this study and direction for future work.

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