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Analysis on Metaphor and Metonymy in Poplular Songs

Author XiangZuoZuo
Tutor WuZhenGuo
School Central China Normal University
Course Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
Keywords Metaphor Metonymy Pop songs Lyrics
CLC J614.9
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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Traditional linguistics , metaphor and metonymy is seen as a form of rhetorical language , namely the phenomenon of language use , but our research shows that metaphor and metonymy abstractions understanding and expression of a powerful tool , not only language and , more importantly, is a cognitive concept . Metaphor and metonymy is a process based on the concept of structural similarity , from a cognitive areas mapped to other cognitive areas , people recognize , understand and express another thing . Paper first analyzes the definition, nature and classification of metaphor and metonymy , metaphor divided into nouns type metaphor , metaphor of verb type , adjective type metaphorical , adverb type metaphorical , proverb type metaphorical and persistent metaphor categories such as metonymy main the metonymy divided into the metonymy and part of the whole - part of the - part of the whole - part of metonymy including things - part metonymy metric metonymy , material metonymy event metonymy , areas - member metonymy , areas - features metonymy , and abbreviated metonymy . Part - part of metonymy metonymy behavior , perception metonymy , metonymy causal production metonymy , metonymy control genitive metonymy , metonymy container , place metonymy , symbol metonymy modified metonymy . This paper compares the similarities and differences between metaphor and metonymy , metaphor and metonymy is a cognitive style of human contact between different things , the thought process of the comparison . Metonymy and metaphor , with the important human way of thinking and cognition , and its essence is conceptual . Both cognitive operation can use the mapping between concepts to describe whether the difference between cross-domain , but both mapping process . Then this paper analyzes the phenomenon of metaphor and metonymy various categories of popular song lyrics , and classified analysis , summed up the role and the characteristics of the application of metaphor and metonymy pop song lyrics , and analysis of the existence of such features the reason , last issues that need attention , not simply in order to pursue formal metaphor and metonymy , and depart from the original intention of the popular song lyrics should bear guide and dissemination of culture .

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