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The Interpretation of Great Expectations from the Structuralist Point of View

Author LiYang
Tutor LinYuPeng
School Hefei University of Technology
Course English Language and Literature
Keywords Dickens Great Expectations Structuralism Dualistic Narrative Grammar
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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Victorian novelist Charles Dickens widely for its people know, his novel research in recent decades in the ascendant. As a representative of the time and even modern novels, Dickens shaped characters with different personalities, and create a character in order to connect the complex plot. His strong sense of justice and a thorough criticism of social evils, readers and critics to attach importance to the work of ideological content. In the use of language and narrative skills, Dickens has made great achievements. Traditionally, the representative works of Charles Dickens \This paper attempts to interpretation of \behavioral characteristics and personalities, it is expected to achieve a deep reading of literary classics. The paper consists of five chapters. Chapter biographies of Dickens' \\Structuralist theory of literary criticism is not just a description of a particular work, but also to the establishment of the structure theory, the theory of this structure is the basis of human thinking and literary works to be built. The second chapter is the exploration of the structure theory. Structuralist committed to understanding to build the basic structure of the human experience and behavior; interpretation of poststructuralist literary character behavior. Greimas and Todorov's structuralist theory, there in the deep structure of the narrative grammar is derived for each story. The the two structuralist literary theorists focus on the content and form of unity, the two respective emphasized the semantics and syntax of narrative analysis, two aspects of the combination of the theory will constitute the narrative, so the narrative grammar explore almost the entire. Dualistic structuralist literary theory of the basic concepts. Greimas that our language and narrative to follow the principle of binary oppositions, Greimas research to establish the basic structure of the plot as the ultimate goal start Todorov that the text can be seen as a \structure \Therefore, the characteristics and behavior of the character, the character's personality can be seen as nouns, adjectives and verbs. All the characters in the novel behavior can be explored in order to seek to build their common potential mode. Chapter narrative analysis with the dualistic principle of \Binary oppositions exist as a mode of the structure of the novel; novelist personal experiences constitute follow the same dualistic principle, works can not be isolated to be analyzed. Dickens's life experience is the fit of romance and reality, the duality of his character is the underlying structure of the novel text. \The dual identity of the opposition of the ideal and the reality theme, ideal for the background and fantasy land of opposition, People confrontation and symbolic the surface meaning inherent sense of antagonism can be well described antagonistic characteristics of the deep structure of the text. The fourth chapter attempts to explore the narrative demonstrating novel text mode. Able to analyze the behavioral characteristics of the main characters: the hero horse \u0026 P look forward to a higher social status; Estella pursuit of wealth; the Miss Havisham pursuit of revenge; Magwitch keen to return the good deeds and the punishment of sin. The novel's secondary characters also have their own pursuit, although each character has its own different goals, common characteristics can be summarized as \Psychological balance, and gradually to the imbalance between the start of numerous characters, but eventually regain peace of mind through repentance and self-reflection. They expect love, wealth and other objectives can be summed up as an ideal. The fifth chapter is the end of the article. The construction of the deep structure of the text of \Pip's life experiences and common destiny of mankind symbolically linking: never-ending pursuit of human behavior timeless melody. The realization of the universal significance of the structure model is the ultimate purpose of the structure theory research. Structuralism inherent shortcomings also subject to a lot of criticism, but it does not follow the beaten track for the interpretation of the text to provide a fresh perspective and useful help.

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