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A Transitivity Approach to the Stylistic Analysis of the Old Man and the Sea

Author MaYi
Tutor HuTieSheng
School Jilin University
Course Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
Keywords Systemic Functional Grammar Functional Stylistics Transitivity The Old Man and the Sea Heroism
CLC H315
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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Literary criticism, stylistic analysis method has been widely used for the analysis of literary works. The novel stylistic analysis has increased in recent years, but has yet to prove that a particular method is very effective in the analysis of literary works. Since the 1980s, discourse analysis and stylistics combination, and take advantage of the system function theory discourse stylistic study has become a trend. The transitivity system interpersonal function system, modal and conversion criticism linguists often use several major linguistic analysis tools. The Transitivity not only in critical linguistics Stylistics often used as an effective tool of analysis. The system the function syntax think, the the discourse group articles is the meaning of the selection and organization and process embodied in the grammatical structure. Based on this theory, the instance of Hemingway's The Old Man and the Sea \embodies the protagonist of \Its purposes, the stylistic analysis can be further divided into two kinds: linguistic stylistics and literary stylistics. The difference between the two is that the aim of linguistics stylistic analysis stylistic language material application literary text to test their own linguistic theory is correct or improve the results of the study of language material and literary criticism rarely linked; literary stylistics The school aims to explore the theme and aesthetic functions of literary works. A bridge if we stylistic analysis as a linguist to prove the theory of language as a tool, in the eyes of the literary stylist stylistic analysis became connected Linguistics and Literary Criticism. Halliday further exploration on the basis of previous studies, the emphasis on the research of context, situational context of the three elements of the discourse range, Tenor and mode of discourse, and on this basis the famous phrase domain theory. Stylistics, the significance of the language domain theory is to recognize that literature is the language domain of a wider range of activities of different from the language of everyday conversation. Halliday's concept function, interpersonal function and textual function in any context, any discourse, for example, as long as the choice of transitivity system, you must have a concept of function; as long as the Thematic choose, you must have a discourse function. The concept of function is the language of people in the real world (including the expression of a variety of experiences in the inner world). In other words, is a reflection of the people and things involved in what happened in the objective and subjective world, and about the time, location and other factors. Transitivity is part of the function of the concept, it is a strong basic semantic concepts. Halliday think that the Transitivity system is a cornerstone of language reproduction people saw in the real world, actions divided into six \behavioral process and there is a process, and specify the participants with a variety of process-related and environmental components. Therefore, transitivity is based on the account of the various processes and their participants and environmental components to reflect the concept of language function. The classification of these processes is made on the basis of their description of the nature of activities and events in the world. The choice of the process is usually affected by the types of discourse and themes impact. But even if it is the same type of discourse, the narrative of the events also may be using different combinations of process. This depends on the communicative purpose and narrator of the narrator's view of the events. Halliday's functional stylistics linguistics and literary studies better analysis of language phenomena, like with linguists, literary researchers analyze the same discourse history, social and psychological environment, and linguistic analysis of the results determine Stylistic situational context to explain. Transitivity analysis of the novel \make a summary of the overview. It is not difficult to see Hemingway's writing style, the style of writing and the theme of \These are to be realized by linguistic means. Functional linguistics, the performance analysis of the context of the novel from the perspective of the context of a higher level, so that the the proof system function theory stylistic analysis provides a new set of analytical theory and methods. Provide a new perspective and the scientific basis for our appreciation and understanding of literary works.

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