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Author XuKun
Tutor YuChangMin
School Jilin University
Course Japanese Language and Literature
Keywords Small animals Japanese literature Theatrical Fundamental ideological Worldview Jilin University The real world Life Contact Literary History Humor
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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Altar haiku in Japan , or in the history of Japanese literature , in any sense , Matsuo Basho and Yosa no village have high achievement , compared to less than two Kobayashi Issa . However, a tea and both have been able to equal , precisely because it has changed haiku altar , and even the great charm of Literary History . As of today, a tea haiku , remains popular young and old alike. A tea haiku life, easy to understand , humorous , giving a warm feeling. Yamashita considered a tea essence of haiku is summed up in one word if \So, a tea haiku in implied having a tea distinctive nature of \what is it ? expand on these issues are discussed herein . A life full of tea unfortunately . Year-old mother, stepmother suffered abuse . Fifteen -year-old left home most of the time of life in Edo adrift . Sharing and the first year ( 1802 ) the only family father passed away. Around his father's legacy , he and half-brother in a dispute , aged in his time has finally returned home , married and had children , but three have wife left him , the child also died. Eventually, a tea because of stroke recurrence passed away. In his father , wife, child's death lament sound, a tea of the \He put small animals , especially the disgusting flies, mosquitoes , fleas and other small animals treated as a friend . Not only treat small animals, so the weak , for the same plant new life full of praise gaze. From humans , animals and the love of homeland Shinano manifested strong attachments of reality , it is easy to see a tea of the \Because of this, he was unique in the world, as the \In the delicate innocence of life 's love , one a life linked together to form a huge \A tea on various biological nature , and sometimes as a friend , and if sometimes treated like their own . Because of this, in this \And those ephemeral things ( such as their children , small animals , etc. ) , devoted endless love . However, in a tea \It can be said , because of the unusual ups and downs of life experience has generated a tea so deep thought. A tea \Late to culture , this \The underlying idea of ​​a tea that is \And, in its ideological cast solid platform, a unique tea haiku wind also will produce . In addition, one of his later works in tea , tea contains an infinite charisma. Back to the home day and night in his later years , married and have children , and lived a calm life dreaming , can not last , and children have died , his wife Esen him, his body is rapidly aging. Even in this case, a sentence of tea for activities did not stop , and continue to pursue a better performance. A tea unique \Regardless of how the development of the world , a tea can clear themselves in the real world \Thus, a tea for the \

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