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An Ecocritical Reading of Willa Cather’s Works

Author YeLing
Tutor ChenLiHua
School Central China Normal University
Course English Language and Literature
Keywords Willa Cather Ecocriticism Ecological Ethics Ecological awareness
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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Willa Cather is one of the first half of the Twentieth Century Reflections upon USA distinguished authoress. She vividly depicts the beautiful scenery of the American Midwest prairie, tribute to the indomitable pioneering spirit of European immigrants. The Willa Cather life completed a total of 16 novels and short stories, embodied in the works of man and nature live in harmony scene. \Short story \In recent years, more and more critics Kaiser works from different angles interpretation. Such as Willa Cather's personal research, feminist research works, creative approach. But with a serious ecological crisis facing humanity, the worsening of the global ecological environment, criticism from an ecological point of their study of the works by the great deal of attention. Ecological criticism emerged in the twentieth century, an emerging theory of literary criticism, and to investigate the relationship between literature and nature, thus stimulating the human ecological awareness. This paper attempts to ecocriticism three works of Willa Cather's \These three works is the concentrated expression of the relationship between man and nature, and to express a writer caring nature, appeal to people in harmony with nature's ecological thinking. Explore the implication in the works through the analysis of the relationship between man and nature in the three works from the perspective of ecological ethics, ecological thinking, thinking about the root causes of the ecological crisis we are currently facing. The paper consists of five parts: The first part briefly describes the writer's family background, the main works of the writer, and the literature review, and a brief evaluation and analysis. The second part describes the theoretical basis of ecological criticism - one of the basic theory of ecological ethics and moral principles. Explain some ideas of eco-centrism and eco-centrism. The third section explains the impact of ecological thinking several factors: early life experiences, Transcendentalism, and the National Park movement. The fourth part focuses on the relationship of man and nature issues, analysis of the works of three figures show the love of nature and of ecological awareness. Concluded that Cather's works by describing the harmony of man and nature, promote ecological awareness. Only in harmony with nature, human beings can enjoy a harmonious life. The paper reveals the need for harmonious coexistence of man and nature, and between man and nature in harmony is the responsibility of the whole of mankind. Human is just a part of nature, all creatures are equal, has the right to life. Ecocriticism Kaiser works, and strive to be able to arouse the awareness of human ecology, continue to adjust their attitude and behavior of natural; calling people from the ecological holism perspective, respect for all life in nature, love nature, create a good ecological environment, sustainable development, human to long-term survival and development continue.

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