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Interracial Love and the White Woman’s Construction of Identity

Author ZhuZuoZuo
Tutor FangHong
School Suzhou University
Course English Language and Literature
Keywords Nadine Gordimer Identity He who Love season Nature Sports Encounter
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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The Nadine Gordimer its indelible contribution to the South African literary and known as \Her long writing career spans the the official apartheid era in South Africa. As the triathlon titles by a variety of literary awards, Gordimer has won the Booker Prize and the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1974 and 1991. Gordimer most of the works, she frequently the image of the white women detailed portrait of their inner world and outer life is clearly demonstrated in the reader's eyes, at the same time reveal a white South African women in different historical process struggling with the difficult process of identity. In this paper, Stuart Hall and Linda Martin Alcove theory about the identity of Lacan's theory of the \), \experienced changes in the interracial love around the identity. The main line of this paper, \By analyzing a variety of unique identity construction process, this article reveals the nature of identity resides personal history culture and identity as a dynamic process will be followed by changes in the course of history, reconstruction. In addition, through the analysis of this article can be further demonstrated Gordimer has always been in the creation of the limitations of their racial identity, she did not deliberately portray black identity Instead, she constructed as a white South African women give a great concern. In this paper, by five chapters. The first chapter introduces the life of Nadine Gordimer, recalled his works related to literary criticism, the definition of identity and related theory. The main body portion of the paper by the second to fourth. These three chapters were discussed: lack of identity, and the construction of identity as well as the identity of the reconstruction process of Caucasian female identity construction. The final chapter is the conclusion of this article, which Gordimer focus on white female identity construction as well as the limitations of his works reflect the evaluation.

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