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A Survey on Physical Activities and Depression for College Students in Hubei Province

Author LuHuiXing
Tutor XuXia
School Wuhan Institute of Physical Education
Course Applied Psychology
Keywords IPAQ University student Physical activity Depression
CLC G804.8
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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This study used the IPAQ questionnaires, CES-D questionnaire, physical activity and depressed mood status by sample survey in proportion to the the Hubei College (undergraduate) 1015 college students conducted a survey, concluded as follows: (1) the IPAQ questionnaire Chinese version has good reliability and validity, the length of a questionnaire survey on the findings there is a significant difference, short questionnaire survey reported physical activity level is below the scroll, but there are statistics on short volume similar to scroll the purpose and significance of differences . The scroll can be used for research and assessment of college students' physical activity, short volume is available for regional or small-scale epidemiological investigation. (2) The investigation established the specific values ??of college (undergraduate) students in Hubei Province physical activity level grade and physical activity. Physical activity levels of students in general or low. All students surveyed, 35.3% students reach their level of physical activity; 56.8% of the students to reach the level (Moderate); 7.9% compared to the level of the student body. The total level of physical activity levels in different students to the nature of the professional institutions student body there is no significant difference. Different genders, different grades, there are significant differences in levels of physical activity level of students living on different floors. Survey the results of the physical activity level of significance lies not in absolute individuals divided into what level, but rather on college students' physical activity changes in the total dynamic monitoring and easy with the other sample groups (such as domestic and foreign college students, regional population , etc.) the level of physical activity compared; same time, the results of this study for future exercise further study of the psychology of exercise intervention provides an initial standard. (3) the amount of physical activity in the transit trip, home of physical activity, leisure time physical activity, total high-intensity physical activity, and total body activity, etc. there are gender differences in male and female students; housework amount of physical activity, The other boys are all aspects of physical activity greater than the girls. (4) the traditional arts and sciences majors in total moderate-intensity physical activity, the total intensity physical activity, and work-related physical activity, the total amount of the three statistically significant difference exists; moderate intensity, liberal arts students higher than the science students, but in work-related physical activity and the amount of high-intensity physical activity is higher than liberal arts students of science and engineering students. (5) housework total physical activity, leisure time physical activity total, the walk, the total moderate-intensity physical activity as well as the total amount of physical activity, there is a field grade there was a significant statistical difference; key university students the total amount of all aspects of physical activity than most college students. (6) In addition to the areas of work and housework related to the amount of physical activity outside the territory of the other six total university possessions there are statistically significant difference; higher than the level of physical activity of the City University of Wuhan university. (7) total physical activity in leisure time, the total intensity of physical activity, and total body activity three students biogenic ground exists differences statistically significant. Overall physical activity levels of students from rural areas in three dimensions, showing a higher level, the total amount of leisure time physical activity from out of town students than from the small and medium-sized cities student, major cities, the lowest level of the students; total intensity physical activity level and total physical activity levels of students from small and medium-sized cities is higher than students from towns, cities grow the level of student performance minimum. (8) In addition to and work-related physical activity, the other seven statistical difference grade, a college freshman level of physical activity, decreasing by grade, senior lowest. (9) live on the first floor and lived on the first floor above the level of physical activity of moderate intensity and amount of physical activity a significant difference, live on the second floor above the amount of moderate-intensity physical activity and overall activity levels higher. (10) leisure-time physical activity is the main content of the college students' physical activity. Students' leisure-time physical activity level there are significant differences in gender, grade, students, floors, institutions. (11) in Hubei province undergraduate college students depression water average of 13.48, higher than the national part of the scale collaborative group application of the CES-D mean of 11.52; 66.1% college students for depressive symptoms; 15.5% college students may have symptoms of depression ; 18.4% of the students certainly have symptoms of depression. Current college students mind the overall situation is better, but still not optimistic. Depression in College Students do not exist in terms of gender, grade, professional, university-level students to a statistically significant difference. The overall number of people without depressive symptoms (66.1%) lower than the other two types of long-term average daily sit. Students at different depression score level distribution of leisure time physical activity level statistically significant difference in students without depressive symptoms (depression score less than 15) leisure physical activity level, there must be symptoms of depression students' leisure time the lowest levels of physical activity.

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