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The Study of High School Chemistry Textbook Development That Based on Constructivism Theory

Author ZhangXueXing
Tutor BiHuaLin
School Shandong Normal University
Course Curriculum and Pedagogy
Keywords Constructivist theory High school chemistry The preparation of textbooks
CLC G633.8
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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Prepared in accordance with the concept of the new curriculum reform textbooks is an important task of the new basic education curriculum reform, constructivist theory as the theoretical basis for one of the new curriculum reform, should play a guiding role in the preparation of textbooks. High school chemistry textbook prepared based on the constructivist theory should be what it is like? Constructivist perspective is reflected in all aspects of the preparation of textbooks? These problems not only from the theoretical in-depth study, but also useful in practice to try and resolve. This study is to depart from the constructivist theory to explore its guidance for the preparation of high school chemistry textbooks. This thesis is divided into five parts. The first part of constructivism is one of the theoretical basis of the new curriculum reform, starting from the position of the core courses in education, as well as the drawbacks of traditional textbooks prepared to explain the importance of the textbook prepared under the new curriculum reform to discuss the constructivist theory of textbooks the preparation of the guiding role of the purpose of this study and task. The second part of the study the theoretical basis, from the history and development of constructivist theory, refined and elaborated the main points of the different schools of constructivism, from the view of knowledge, learning concept, students view three aspects are summarized constructivism genre advocate of the basic theory of curriculum development and textbook prepared. The third part is the theoretical conception of the study, the core focus of this paper, contains three main parts. First, based on the constructivist theory basic requirements for the preparation of high school chemistry textbooks. I believe that the constructivist theory advocated by the \Second, based on the constructivist theory basic mode of preparation of high school chemistry textbooks. In this study, from textbook content selection, content organization and presentation of content starting the preparation of high school chemistry textbooks based on the constructivist theory mode. First, I believe that the development of knowledge, adaptability, inquiry, context is based on the principles and characteristics of the constructivist theory to select the textbook content; followed by the preparation of textbooks from the integration of knowledge perspective the determining unit topics to help students form three-dimensional cross web of knowledge, from the students 'prior knowledge and experience and the physical and psychological characteristics of the departure, to organize the order of the system of textbooks, attention should be paid to the problem-centered organization textbook chapters to develop students' awareness of the problem and problem solving skills; Finally, textbooks the content presentation should pay attention to the creation of the learning context, the opportunity to actively participate in the learning process to students keen to cultivate students' constructivist approach to learning and guide students to reflect on the learning process, discussed how to use a concept map to guide students to construct knowledge in textbooks . Third, based on the constructivist theory for the preparation of high school chemistry textbooks basic strategy. This section only select best reflects aspects of constructivist characteristics, such as design, knowledge integration, inquiry activities designed to illustrate the constructivist-based textbook preparation of the strategy, hoping to play the role by the micro-known book. The fourth part of the empirical part of the study, analysis of the existing three versions of high school chemistry textbooks. Major departure from the theoretical idea, on a statistical basis, an example of constructivist theory in three versions of textbooks establishment. The fifth part of the design of the questionnaire, the construct of students' independent learning and chemistry textbooks prepared needs to make a survey and analysis. With a view to the majority of the textbook, the preparation of their inspiration.

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