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On language teachers aesthetic wisdom

Author ZhuZhiMei
Tutor PanQingYu
School Shandong Normal University
Course Curriculum and Pedagogy
Keywords Language teachers Aesthetic wisdom Language teaching Professional realm
CLC G633.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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Traditional teaching scientism but rational humanist pedagogy, for the purpose to develop students' cognitive abilities, thus the emphasis on teachers intelligence, ability, skills requirements, and the relative neglect of the individual aesthetic concerns, ignored the requirements of the aesthetic quality of teachers. Even been mentioned, just put it as other quality concept to talk about, and not given the attention it deserves. In the context of the domestic education reform, after decades of exploration of the theory and practice on the basis of our education sector have been proposed for a lot of loopholes in language teaching the euphoria education, self-successful education, language context of Aesthetic Education aesthetic forms of education. Especially with the implementation of the new curriculum reform, giving more prominence to the content of language teaching and language teaching objectives aesthetic. To achieve the goal of language teaching, reflect the \Combined with aesthetic wisdom and used in language teaching practice, in order to optimize the quality of the structure of language teachers, to promote the full and harmonious development of students. Reform the traditional teaching, to the United States and gifted teaching purposes. This article explores the direction is trying to explore how language teachers looking for beauty and language teaching and learning in teaching organic combination of points, to ensure that the effect of language teaching and at the same time improve the efficiency of language teaching, students can aesthetic ability, thinking ability to develop personality quality culture, while improving the the practitioners realm of language teachers. In the course of the study, this article tries to transcend the Aesthetics into education, language teaching in accordance with the principle of integrity, harmony, freedom, pleasure, beauty, aesthetic contemplation, and to incorporate them into an aesthetic of the existence of the state, so that the language teaching itself becomes a kind of \The paper consists of four parts: the first part is mainly defined and summarized the content and features of language teachers aesthetic wisdom to make. Aesthetic as a psychology term, mainly concerned in the state of spiritual philosophy and aesthetics is to explore the existence and development of the state and quality in high-rise space. When people care for the inevitable aesthetic language teaching combined with the distinctive characteristics of the subjects, will necessarily result in infertility and sterility has the effect of traditional teaching unmatched. The second part is the practical significance of the aesthetic wisdom of language teachers. This part is mainly around two aspects: First, the need for language teachers with aesthetic wisdom. From four aspects: the drawbacks of language education has long been thought-provoking; requirements of the new round of teaching reform; proper meaning of the language needs and language of teaching art education. Second language teachers aesthetic wisdom of the significance of language teaching. Three-pronged approach to expand: for students to grow up strong, magnificent traditional culture in the United States, complete; teachers, so that the content in the United States the United States designed to improve itself; language education, its art in more full sense of mission. The third part is the language teachers aesthetic contemplation of wisdom on the theoretical level of aesthetics, psychology and philosophy. Is stuck its theoretical sources to identify the entry point combined with language teaching, in order to make the theory better for language teaching and language teachers. The fourth part is the training of language teachers aesthetic wisdom. Aesthetic wisdom of training objectives: a deep understanding, appreciation of beauty; aesthetic imagination and aesthetic creativity; rich, delicate, sincere feelings and to cultivate aesthetic wisdom to follow the principle: the principle of aesthetic, creative principle, the development of principles and operability principles; culture and use of language teachers in practice the aesthetic wisdom: from preparing lessons and lectures on aesthetic analysis.

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