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Conflict of interest in contemporary Chinese society and Coordination

Author ZongGuoFeng
Tutor KouDongLiang
School Zhengzhou University
Course The philosophy of Marxism
Keywords Benefit conflicts of interest benefit coordination
CLC C914
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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To benefits theories of thorough the research is the important topic which enriches and develops Marxism only a thing history a view, is also the topic which has realistic meaning to the research of benefits conflict.Marx thought that, the benefit is the socialized need, is the people the social need which relate through the certain society display. The benefit essentially is belonging to the society to relate the category. The social main body maintains own survival and the development, only has through holds to the product of social labor and enjoys can manifest; The social main body and the product of social labor this kind of unification of opposites relations is the benefit. Interweaves in the complex benefit, the people gain the benefit the active process inevitably to have the benefit conflict. The conflict essentially is refers to opposition both sides in the thought and the behavior antagonism interaction process. The benefit conflict, is the benefit main body the benefit dispute and the benefit which and contradictory produces based on the benefit difference capture. In the benefit conflict essence not only is to the benefit object or object of labor capture, what is main is to the benefit production method and assignment way capture, is to social position capture. The benefit conflict has two kind of fundamental modes: One is antagonism, a right and wrong antagonism. The antagonism benefit conflict is because the conflict both sides basic interest is not accommodating and the opposition creates; The non-antagonism benefit conflict is under the basic interest consistent premise, either as a result of the realization condition and the realization time restriction, each benefit main body benefit cannot simultaneously realize, either because people which or basic is unable to realize creates in on were subjective have made the mistake, broke between the benefit main body benefit assignment balanced condition to create .Marx and Engels pointed out, all historical conflict all roots between productive forces and contact form contradiction. For example, the productive forces level of development, the social division of labor, the benefit assignment are unreasonable and so on.The contemporary China society’ s benefit conflict main performance is: Between divergent interest main body economic conflict, between divergent interest main body political benefit conflict, divergent interest main body cultural benefit conflict. In order to better realizes the people respective benefit, in order to as for with does not belong to in the benefit conflict, the human society needs consciously unceasingly to carry on the coordination to the benefit relations. The benefit is coordinated, mainly refers to the people for to achieve some kind of coordinated goal but determination, the consciously alignment procedure which to people’s benefit idea, the behavior and the reciprocity carries on. The contemporary China society’ s benefit conflict, has not jumped out the socialism society nonantagonistic contradiction to occupy leading the basic characteristic. Therefore, the coordinated benefit conflict main principle is: Humanist principle, all-round consideration principle, efficiency fair unified principle. The coordinated benefit conflict mechanism is: Establishes the perfect unimpeded benefit expression mechanism, the establishment perfect fair benefit assignment mechanism, the establishment perfect reasonable benefit guidance restraint mechanism.

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