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Theory and Fulfillment Research on Moral as Leader in Character Education in the New Centurial Universities

Author FuHong
Tutor SongChunHong
School Southwest China Normal
Course Marxist Theory and Ideological and Political Education
Keywords University Quality Education To Germany , led by Theory and Practice New Century Primacy University Moral Education The great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation Moral Education in Universities Proletarian revolutionaries Morals
CLC G641
Type Master's thesis
Year 2002
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This paper discusses the formation course of moral as leader in character education, the necessity of moral as leader in character education, the key problem of moral education in the current character education, and addresses the way that solves problem.The author thinks that character education is the education principle orientated to the 21st century. At the turning of the century, the appearance of the character education has the epoch-making sense for the development of the theory and fulfillment in Chinese education. Moral education as leader in the character education is a deep revolution of the education principle.Taking a wide view of the development history of the Chinese and foreign education, the respect on moral education is one of its collective characteristics. Since the establishment of the new China, leaders of the Party have made treatises on the importance of the moral education. Under the new history terms, Jiang Zeming’s important treatise on the position and function of the moral education, developed the education theories of the older generation proletariat revolutionist. It is the thought weapon and activity guidebook for completely pushing forward the mind of moral as leader in character education.In the new century, it is necessary to emphasize the position of moral education in the character education. First, the property and basic task of education come to a decision that moral must be the leader in character education. Second, moral as leader in character education is the objective requirement of the international environment. Third, moral as leader in character education is the objective requirement of the local atmosphere. Forth, moral as leader in character education is the demand of realizing the Chinese great renew. Fifth, moral as leader in character education is the demand of the contemporary university students. Sixth, moral as leader in character education is the right conclusion that sums the history experience.However, despite the high degree attention by the government, the moral education’s status in the current character education in universities is not optimistic. The main problems are:1. The moral education’s leader position in the character education has not accomplished.2. The moral education’s actual result does not give satisfaction. The author thinks the mainsprings are:1. Influence by the "left thought" and "education for examination".2. Cognition deviation on the position and function of moral education.3. The negative impact of the social atmosphere.4. Bugs in current moral education.Moral education in universities carries more sacred mission after the appearance of the idea of managing the nation by moral. Increasing the moral education’s real results in the character education is a big aim of the educational circles at the new century. Moral education is a big engineering. It needs the participation and effort of the whole society.The author thinks the following four aspects should be considered:1. Change idea, return its original appearance to education.2. Provide better social environment for optimizing the moral education.3. Repair bugs of the moral education.4. Increase the characteristics of the moral education participants.

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