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Study of Effect of AVP and OT on Membrane of DRG Neurons and Its Mechanisms in Rats

Author HuHaiYan
Tutor ZhengZuo
School Sichuan University
Course Physiology
Keywords Intracellular recording Dorsal root ganglion Arginine vasopressin Oxytocin Vasopressin receptor Oxytocin receptor
Type Master's thesis
Year 2002
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Objective To study the arginine vasopressin (Arginine vasopressin, AVP) and oxytocin ( Oxytocin , OT ) in rat dorsal root ganglion (DRG) neurons and to explore its mechanism . Method 1 . Experimental applications intracellular microelectrode recording technology to record the isolated perfused rat DRG neurons membrane potential . 2. The information obtained using X ± SE , t-test for statistical processing . Results 1. In the subjects 120 cells , the vast majority (81.67 %) after dropping AVP hyperpolarization reaction ; in 92 subjects neurons , the vast majority ( 77.17% ) in the dropping OT after also produces hyperpolarization . 2. Membrane conductance dropping AVP (10 -5 mol / L) and OT (10 -5 mol / L) , respectively, an increase of approximately 19.34% ( P <0.05 ) and 16.26 % (P <0.05). 3. Perfusion balanced salt solution of NaCl with choline chloride (CH-Cl) set on behalf of and with Cd 2 blocking Ca 2 channel , AVP and OT - induced hyperpolarization There was no significant change in the amplitude of the reaction (P> 0.05), while adding K < / sup > channel blocker tetraethylammonium (TEA) , AVP and OT induced hyperpolarization response amplitude was significantly less small (P> 0.05). 4. AVP - induced hyperpolarization reaction AVP V 1 receptor antagonist , OT - induced hyperpolarization reaction OT receptor antagonist ( P > 0.01) . t1WNfgitj qBg conclusion . DRG neuron membrane exists the AVP V; receptors and OT receptors . 2. AVP and OT - induced hyperpolarization was no the film AVP and OT receptor mediated 's K through neural outflow due . 3.AVP and OT can make the the DRG neuronal membrane hyperpolarization of primary sensory information the incoming \

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