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Clinical Observation of Maxing Huatan Decoction Treating Asthma Children (Hot-induced Asthma)

Author WeiZuoJuan
Tutor ChenKeJing
School Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course Chinese Academy of Pediatrics
Keywords Maxing phlegm soup Asthma Hot whooping Clinical Observation PEF
CLC R272
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Objective: by clinical observation Maxingshigan Decoction for the improvement of the signs and symptoms of pediatric asthma ( hot whooping ) , explore the of Maxingshigan Decoction for children's asthma phlegm obstruct the airway barrier impact . : All observed cases are from Guangdong Province Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital pediatric clinic and the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine pediatric wards from October 2007 to March 2009 the treatment of children with asthma , 90 cases of asthma ( thermal wheeze ) children in accordance with the principle of random using a random number table were randomly divided into three groups , each group Decoction for 30 cases , a group of Chinese and Western medicine combined treatment group ( Maxing phlegm soup western medicine foundation treatment ) , a group of single Maxing therapy treatment group, the group as a basic therapy in the treatment group of the single - use western medicine . 5 days of treatment , the integral value of the signs and symptoms of the three groups of children before and after treatment were assessed , and detected PEF observed the Maxing Decoction for improving the signs and symptoms of pediatric asthma hot whooping and mitigate the effect of airflow limitation . Condensed statistical software for data processing . Results: ① comprehensive efficacy Integrative treatment group, the overall response rate was 90% , clinical control rate was 46.67% , Chinese medicine treatment group was significantly higher than 83.33 % , 13.33% ( P lt ; 0.05 ) and Western medicine treatment group 80%, 6.67% (P lt; 0.01). ② in the combination therapy group in his improved asthma ( wheeze ) children the PEF aspects of the total effective rate of 90 % , higher than 83.33% of the Chinese medicine treatment group ( P lt; 0.05 ) and 80% of Western medicine treatment group ( P lt; 0.01); own PEF values ??in the three groups before and after treatment significant difference ( P lt; 0.05 ) , PEF values ??in the three groups after treatment no significant difference ( P gt; 0.05 ) . Conclusion: Maxing the phlegm Tonga western medicine based therapy to improve children with clinical signs and symptoms of asthma hot whooping effective than Maxing phlegm soup or western medicine ; reducing airflow limitation , Maxing Maxing phlegm soup is slightly better than the efficacy of treatment sputum Tonga western medicine foundation or western medicine . Maxing phlegm soup alone treatment improve expectoration of phlegm , lungs wheeze symptoms and signs were significantly better than western medicine . This study shows Maxing phlegm soup can relieve asthma hot whooping children with phlegm obstruct the airway barrier cough and asthma symptoms , thus proving their phlegm obstruct the airway barrier improvement .

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