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The Research of the Active Power Factor Correction on Single Phase and Cuk Topology

Author LiuJian
Tutor LuoYaoHua
School Harbin Engineering University
Course Power Electronics and Power Drives
Keywords Active Power Factor Correction Cuk topology The average current control
Type Master's thesis
Year 2003
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In this paper, on the basis of summing up the active power factor correction research focus of current research and its development direction of single-phase active power factor correction technology made ??a more in - depth discussion, and average current step- the control of the power factor correction Thought for Cuk type circuit topology . Text around the power factor correction circuit design Cuk average current control commenced , completed the following work : papers based on the analysis of the basic working principle of active power factor correction , PFC converter main circuit by comparing several different topologies and the control circuit of the advantages and disadvantages to clear this object of study - the average current-mode controlled Cuk PFC converter . This paper describes the origin of Cuk -type DC / DC converter , evolution ; analysis of all aspects of the changes during the voltage, current and waveform ; derivation of the equation of state of the ideal Cuk converter ; establish the Cuk the main circuit and the AC power the pulse width modulator Simulink simulation model . The paper uses the inductor current continuous state space averaging method , the transfer function of the strike by the PWM type converter Universal , substituting the equation of state of the Cuk converter with MATLAB symbolic computation , input current and the output the Cuk transform circuit deduced the small signal transfer function of the voltage is affected by the duty cycle control , and then so the design of the control circuit part of the current regulator and the voltage regulator . The paper analyzed with isolation transformer the Cuk transform circuit , chip UC3854 average current mode power factor correction structure, function ; according to a UC3854 specific characteristics and requirements , in order to design a specific , practical switching power supply with PFC function , for example , design, calculation of the main circuit inductance L1 , L2 , C1, and C2 , the isolation transformer , and a voltage , a current regulator circuit of the parameters and requirements . The thesis final analysis of the flaws and shortcomings of the work done in this article , pointed out the need to continue to do the work , and other related industries in the future need to meet to do the work .

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