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Russian synonym nature , function and distribution

Author CaoWenMing
Tutor XuYing
School Northeast Normal University
Course Russian Language and Literature
Keywords Synonyms Nature Function Distributed
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Synonyms phenomenon is a common phenomenon in language early when scholars have started to pay attention synonyms phenomenon. Russian, there are also a large number of synonyms, and has a long history of research. Russian synonym first lexicology. With the rise of the semantics, synonyms, became the main topic of lexical semantics. At the same time the Rhetoric other Linguistics to study it from a different perspective. With the development of modern semantics, the use of modern semantics theory and research methods to study the synonym, a lot of problems to be solved and the unique novelty. Meaning theory, combined with existing research first, try to summarize the synonym definition and analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of synonyms defined standard, trying sememe analysis method to define; followed, analyzed and summarized synonyms in the function and role of language, and finally, to explore the distribution of lexical semantic systems exist in the form and characteristics. Language material for this article comes from a variety of Russian language material into the communication field, including dictionaries, newspapers, and literary works. This paper is divided into three parts. The first part is the introduction. This part introduces the topic of choice, the thesis studies the history, current status and trends, as well as the purpose of the thesis, methods, significance and writing new. The second part is the main part of this article, is divided into four chapters. The first chapter is the theoretical part. This part discusses the essence of the meaning of a word, evolution, sememe analysis, semantic field. Chapter II-depth introduction to the nature of the synonym. This article mainly talk about in this part of the definition of synonyms, defined synonyms and synonyms distinction. This paper argues that the synonym refers to the same part of speech, with the same epitaxial rational sense of the word is exactly the same, or most of coincidence, and a group of words with a different external form. Synonyms exist differences mainly in the additional sense of semantics degree of stylistic and emotional evaluation. Synonyms and synonyms are two completely different concepts. The third chapter expounds the function and role of the synonym. The fourth chapter focuses on exploring the distribution of synonyms. This paper argues that the synonym for aggregation constitute synonyms group, the synonym group has dynamic, open a mini-group word group, and is located in the bottom of the hierarchy of the word group, synonyms to the the synonym group for polymer distribution within the lexical semantic system . The third part is the conclusion. This part is the main content of this article a summary and proposed should be noted that in the course of the study.

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