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RASS System Antagonist Compound to SHR Big Mouse Cardiac Muscle Gap Junction Protein Cx43 Expression Intervention Research

Author TanLiLi
Tutor YuBo
School China Medical University
Course Internal Medicine
Keywords Connexin RASS system antagonists Myocardial fibrosis Last arterial pressure
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Introduction Currently, the incidence of hypertension is getting higher and higher, long-term hypertension not only brought suffering to the patient, but also brought a heavy economic burden to the society and the family, the long-term high blood pressure can lead to heart, brain, damage to the kidneys and other vital organs, in which the heart is the main organ involved one. Due to pressure overload, the long-term can lead to ventricular remodeling and myocardial fibrosis, and then, if hypertension can effectively inhibit the transition to this stage, it means raising the level of treatment and reduced medical expenses. Foreign scholars collaborative behavior of multicellular life depends on the connection and communication between cells, close to the edge of the adjacent cells constitute the intercalated disk intercalated disk function of the contact area of ??the cell is the cell gap, after a study found it is a special membrane protein structure by channel cell poly then formed adjacent to the foundation of the cells electrical and chemical coupling, called the gap junctional intercellular communication. At present a total of 20 connexin cardiac gap junction protein (connexin, Cx) Cx43, Cx40, Cx45. Cx43 is the most abundant, mainly present in the working myocardium. Cx43 expression and distribution of abnormalities can cause a series of changes in the heart, such as: congenital heart disease; myocardial infarction; sudden arrhythmic death; heart failure and cardiac hypertrophy; atherosclerosis. Cx43 expression and distribution of high blood pressure can lead to long-term reduction in Cx43 gap junctions relationship between RASS system antagonist intervention mechanism is unclear, the experiment is to hope to have a new breakthrough in this field, better choice of antihypertensive drugs for patients. Objects and methods, experimental animal grouping of animal models (12-week-old male, weighing 200 g rat) grouped into: Wistar rats group, SHR group, ramipril group, the telmisartan group, according to S \u0026 P risperidone group, ramipril, telmisartan group, ramipril eplerenone group, eplerenone telmisartan group (n = 8), free feeding and water intake, adaptive feeding week after the beginning of the experiment, ramipril group 2.5mg/kg · d, the the telmisartan group of 10 mg / kg · d, mixed with a small amount of distilled water treatment eplerenone 100mg/kg · d for 8 weeks, each The week measured body weight, according to the weight-adjusted dose combination therapy take half the amount. Measured blood pressure, respectively, at 4 and 8 weeks before feeding measured rat tail artery pressure. Of Cx43 detected eight weeks after the sudden death heart was removed, the animals made from slices Watch the approximate morphology and myocardial cells toward the heart tissue, paraffin-embedded, and the rest used for immunohistochemical staining observed Cx43 abnormal myocardial tissue distribution and expression . Statistical analysis SPSS11.0 statistical analysis system software for data analysis. One-way ANOVA analysis parameters between the different groups, pairwise comparisons using LSD method. P lt; 0.05 as statistically significant difference. Experimental results, rat blood pressure tests showed results: blood pressure control in accordance with best eplerenone telmisartan combination, compared with the other groups, there is a significant difference (P lt; 0.05), description of the aldosterone receptor antagonists and angiotensin II receptor antagonists Joint obvious application of long-term blood pressure control. 2, immunohistochemistry results showed that: Cx43 intervention aspects of the effect of the combination of telmisartan and eplerenone best. Blood pressure in rats intervention, the conclusions of aldosterone receptor antagonists and angiotensin II receptor antagonist combined with significant long-term blood pressure control, its mechanism may be related to the combination of these two drugs control effects of substances aldosterone and angiotensin Ⅱ receptor, thereby better exert its effect; while in the inhibition of myocardial fibrosis and intervention of Cx43, still telmisartan and in accordance with the best combination effect of eplerenone .

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